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Tourist Attraction

CALUGUSAN BEACH — A long stretch white sandy beach facing the Basilan Channel/Straight, this place is ideal for any beach-related activities as well as for relaxation. Its white sands and refreshing clear pristine waters would entice you to stay longer and enjoy the serenity with only the gentle breeze murmuring to calm you. Situated in coastal barangay 15 kms away from Lamitan proper, Calugusan beach is bounded by Barangays Buahan, Luksumbang and Balas.

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LIGAPO FALLS — is situated between the boundary of Brgy Bohe-Sapa and Brgy Lumutun. The scenery is surrounded with green wild plants and rainforest. The falls is just one of the fascinating spots which is still untouched and undocumented. The above mentioned barangays are located at the eastern part of Lamitan City about 14km far from the heart of the City.

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MPA Marine Procted Area — Maloong Canal, about 14 kms from the town proper, a marine sanctuary has been established and maintained. Mangrove trees were planted to protect the corals and other marine lives. A wide variety of soft and hard corals and fish species can be found in this marine protected area.

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KALESA — The earliest Lamiteños transportation run within Lamitan poblacion, until now this type of public vehicle still exist and being preserved by LGU-Lamitan City. The earliest Lamiteños transportation run within Lamitan poblacion, until now this type of public vehicle still exist and being preserved by LGU-Lamitan City.



LAMI-LAMIHAN FESTIVAL — LAMI-LAMIHAN FESTIVAL (June 26-27) – this festival is held annually showcasing th Yakan cultural heritage, artifacts and customs and traditions. It is being celebrated every April 26-29, but recently moved to June 26-27. The festival starts with a parade and program proper. Contests, exhibit of artifacts, crafts, costumes, dances, native games and other cultural shows follows. Lami-lamihan Festival is included in the annual Calendar of activities of the Department of Tourism.

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UWANG AHADDAS — is cited for his talent and experience in playing various Yakan musical instruments and for sharing his knowledge to the young people of his community. He continues to perform and teach despite his dimming eyesight, keeping his musical tradition alive and flourishing.

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LAMITAN CITY HALL — A reflection of the steady upward progress of a diverse Abante Lamitan City. Built on 2003 from Congressional Fund of Hon. Gerry A. Salapuddin and LGU Lamitan City Counterpart.



THERAPEUTIC PARK – GARDEN — Therapeutic Park is a place wherein it produces good effects to body or mind and can be an aid to treat illnesses. The physical outlook of the park provides a good relaxation to the people itself.



LAMITAN CITY MUSEUM – LIBRARY — Basilan Province, Philippines. It serves as the archive for historical and cultural artifacts of Lamitan. It also serves as Library where reading materials; educational textbooks are available for students, the residents and other visitors interested in knowing Lamitan’s historical background.



LAMITAN PORT TERMINAL — A gateway to business opportunities and pleasures serving Lamiteños and other neighboring municipalities to travel for Zamboanga City and other places. Built on 2011 funded by ARMM Social Fund-JAICA



DATU KALUN PARK – This triangular shaped park is built as a tribute to late Pedro J. Cuevas, aka Datu Kalun the founder of Lamitan. This is one of the earliest and most visible landmarks in the town of Lamitan, standing at the center of the City