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Zoning Clearance Application

Schedule of availability of Service:



Who May Avail of the Services:

  • Businessmen, Building Owners and Land Owners

What are the requirements:

    For temporary Use Permit

  1. Certification (business permit)
  2. Location Clearance
  3. Decision on Zoning

     For Building Permit

  1. Plan with site development/location
  2. Cost of estimates and bill of materials
  3. Location Clearance
  4. Transfer Certificate of Title (Latest)
  5. Tax Receipt/Tax Clearance (Latest)
  6. Decision of Zoning
  7. Certification
  8. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)
  9. Pollution Control Certificate (DENR)

    For Subdivision

  1. Application for subdivision form
  2. Application for Development Permit Form
  3. Application for preliminary approval form
  4. Subdivision Approval Form
  5. Transfer Certificate of Title (Latest)
  6. Tax Declaration (Latest)
  7. Tax Receipt/Tax Clearance (Latest)
  8. Subdivision Plan with Vicinity Map (duly signed by the Geodetic Engineer)
  9. Location Clearance
  10. Certification

How to avail of the service: For Temporary Use of Permit


How to avail of the service: For Building Permit


How to avail of the service: For Subdivision