Philippine Standard Time:

Availing of Public Customer Assistance

Schedule of availability of Service:

About the service:
Residents leaving in the community of the 45 barangays may request for referral,recommendations,endorsement or communications so that they can avail free services or discounts.

Public customer assistance cover the following areas;

  • Medical assistance for indigents family
  • Job recommendations
  • Endorsement for transfer -For Lamitenos in government service who are currently posted in other municipalities or provinces and would like to be transferred in his/her municipality.

What are the requirements:

For Medical Assistance

  • Medical prescriptions
  • Clinical diagnosis or doctor’s referral

For Job Recommendation

  • Complete bio-data or curriculum vitae
  • Police clearance
  • Past employment records
  • Other related documents

For Endorsement for Transfer

  • Letter request for transfer
  • Letter of request for transfer stating therein reasons for request
  • Certified service record, if available.

How to avail of the service: