Philippine Standard Time:

Processing of Building Permit

Schedule of Availability of Service



Who may avail of the services:

Building permit Applicant

What are the requirements:

  1. If applicant is the Registered Owner of the Lot:
  • Certified true copy of TCT and approved lot plan duly signed by the Geodetic Engineer.(3 copies each)
  • Tax Declaration. (3 photo copies each)
  • Current Real Property Tax Receipt.(3 photo copies each)
  • Six (6) sets of plans (blue print) signed and sealed by duly licensed Architect or Civil Engineer professional, -Electrical Engineer, Sanitary/Plumbing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Owner of Applicant.
  • Six (6) sets of estimates/Bill of Materials signed and sealed by a duly licensed Architect or Civil Engineer Owner.
  • Structural analysis/soil bearing capacity duly signed by structural Engineer and owner.
  • Barangay Clearance for securing Building Permit Forms signed by Civil Engineer and Owner/Applicant.
  • ECC-Environment Compliace Certificates from DENR.
  1. If Applicant is not Registered Owner of the Lot (3 Photo copies each)
  • Duly notarized copy of the contract of least, or
  • Duly notarized copy of the deed of Sale.

How to avail of the service: