As lady executive, Mayor Rose Furigay is a recipient of the 2014 Regional Outstanding Lady Executive (ROLE) Award of the ARMM Government and a HAP PAG-ASA Awardee given by the Civil Service Commission-ARMM. This recognition signifies her leadership’s efficiency particularly in the administrative, infrastructure and social development aspects of governance from the time she became City Mayor in 2013. Likewise, it manifests her dedication and commitment to address the inevitable challenges and struggles of being a public servant to a young city like Lamitan which has as its close neighbors conflict-ridden municipalities. Mayor Rose has implemented a self-sufficient approach to cityhood by urging government employees to take action and deliver the needs of the citizens of Lamitan City. With proper motivation, she has directed all offices in the Local Government Unit to respond promptly and efficiently in serving the people and in addressing their concerns. Just within her three-year term, she has reinforced human resource development through a series of professional trainings, wellness programs and employee recognitions to boost morale and welfare and advance growth in the LGU’s professional working environment. Her administration has accomplished a series of infrastructure investments of more than P2 billion, construction and facility development significant to the socio-cultural and economic foundation of the city. Since 2013 to present, her administration was able to institute various partnerships with government and non-government agencies that have provided grants, assistance and support to construct farm-to-market roads, barangay roads, over-flow bridges, a public market, public comfort rooms, a city gymnasium, infirmary center, birthing centers, deep wells, commercial complex, evacuation centers, covered courts, school buildings, multi-purpose halls, senior citizens’ center, as well as the expansion of city sea port, construction of fish port and power plant building. To ensure speedier completion of the infrastructure developments, Mayor Rose has embarked on the acquisition of the LGU’s own heavy equipment for infrastructure support, paving way to a more sustainable approach in construction, thereby gaining savings in expenditures and resources. To further support the development of the city and address energy shortage, Mayor Rose Furigay has taken the lead in procuring four units of 5- megawatt generators. Soon, the city will have its own power plant and will become power-efficient for the benefit of all sectors in the city, especially in commerce and investments. The City Government of Lamitan is able to support the infrastructure expansions from the city’s development funds credited to its collection efficiency in business and estate taxes. Lamitan City has also been granted institutional loans by the Land Bank of the Philippines. The ARMM has likewise continually allocated funding for infrastructure projects to ensure the city’s progress. All the aforementioned accomplishments reflect on the high sense of trust by the people of Lamitan City and funding agencies on the governance of Mayor Rose Furigay.

For three consecutive years, 2014, 2015 and 2016, the ARMM Regional Government has given Lamitan City the Gawad Kalasag Award, making them a HALL of FAMER based on the city’s disaster preparedness capabilities. One of the best practices that made Lamitan City a Gawad Kalasag Awardee is the regular operation of the Barangay Emergency Response Network in its 45 barangays. Among the best practices in social services that was instituted under Mayor Rose’s leadership is the Reaching Out Serving Everyone (ROSE) Caravan. Under the City Mayor’s Office, the program has created an integrated system of providing for theLamiteños’ basic needs. The ROSE Caravan has consistently addressed various problems particularly in the health sector. Mayor Rose has taken steps to develop healthy well-being for the Lamiteños by observing effective health governance by establishing a Health Board for the 45 barangays, an augmentation in the number of health workers in barangays supported by the Health Facility Enhancement Program under the supervision of the City Health Office. Her passion to ensure that the health needs of the Lamiteños are met stems from her training and license as a pharmacist. She has actively pursued the provision of birthing facilities, community pharmacies, medical and dental apparatus, equipment and supplies in the barangays. Mayor Rose has prioritized the health sector by deploying competent City physicians and a dentist to ensure that health services reach every barangay of the city. To date, the City of Lamitan is working hard to provide constituents with social protection through health insurances and PhilHealth coverage to benefit especially the senior citizens, Madaris, and expectant mothers. Another breakthrough of her administration is the actualization of the Satellite Treatment Facility for Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Center. Alongside is the provision of primary health care benefits, maternal care and treatment on tuberculosis. These milestones in terms of health programs in the City is attributed to the good partnership that Mayor Rose Furigay has established with other entities like the DOH-ARMM, PHILHEALTH, USAID, PBSP and Zuellig Family Foundation, Global Fund and other instrumental agencies that have entrusted their resources to the Local Government of Lamitan. For the youth, Mayor Rose Furigay has allocated financial and infrastructural support for the mobilization of primary and secondary educational facility including the construction of the Lamitan City Special Education Center or SPED to cater to students with special needs as well as Senior High School facilities. Additional national high schools have also been constructed during her term to accommodate more youth learners. The LGU of Lamitan subsidizes some of the public teachers’ compensation, students’ uniforms, school supplies and even provides scholarships to deserving youth. It also supports students’ extra-curricular activities in local, regional and national competitions as a means of empowering them. A Madrasah College has also been completed where Muslim teachers and students can learn the teachings of Islam. This effort of the LGU demonstrates its support to the constituents whatever their culture and belief.Mayor Rose Furigay has exerted direction and focus on social development for the benefit of all sectors. Barangays are provided with Day Care Services and supplementary feeding for young children. Concerns on domestic crisis are mediated or resolved through the development of the Crisis Intervention Unit, Core Shelter Assistance as well as the observance of the Solo Parents Act. As an advocate for youth empowerment, she continually dialogues with the senior citizens group to find out their needs. She also intensified skills-based trainings for the youth in partnership with TESDA.

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)-ARMM has recognized the best practices of Lamitan City with the Seal of Good Housekeeping and Good Local Governance for its consistent performance in accountability, transparency, infrastructure, disaster preparedness, social protection, investment, employment, peace and order, environmental management, poverty alleviation, agriculture, tourism and revenue generation. With her hands-on management style, she puts emphasis on the standards that the Local Government Unit of Lamitan must pursue. She requires timely and prompt attention to all LGU transactions particularly involving customer service. On Disaster Risk Reduction, she supported capacity building trainings and activities, acquisition of rescue boats, construction of covered courts to also serve as evacuation centers, bridges, tsunami control and rain gauges so as to have fool-proof ways in ensuring zero casualty in times of disasters and calamities. She has directed all barangays to build their own rescue teams and get a fool of volunteer responders for emergency situations. She has earned the support of the Philippine Coast Guard to help keep the coastlines of Lamitan City safe and guarded.

The aspect of social protection is also a top priority of the Lady Mayor, including the establishment of an integrated security program among the law enforcement agencies, and support to the respective mandates of Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines in protecting the peace and order of Lamitan City. Through the support of the City Mayor, the men in uniform are provided with police cars and vehicles plus equipment to help in solving crimes security monitoring. She has developed mechanisms for their close coordination with the LGU and for fostering vigilance among the citizenry. The arrest of people involved in illegal drugs, illegal possession of firearms, wanted personalities, and other crimes have increased. The City has established attentive and critical peace keeping forces to sustain social protection, the benefits of which would redound to increased investments and employment opportunities and decrease in poverty.

Mayor Rose has supported citizens’ investment in Small-Medium Enterprises that allows families to have stable income opportunities, hence the construction of a commercial complex in the city proper to provide a strategic venue for SMEs. She believes that local entrepreneurs will enhance the business climate of the city whih will result to big investors coming into the city. With rising business opportunities in the city, residents of Lamitan City are able to find jobs or employment opportunities. Under PAMANA (Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan) support, a series of livelihood projects on agriculture, fisheries and livestock were awarded to the 45 barangays,