To our City Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay;

Our Distinguished Guest, Hon. Jum Hataman Salliman

To the honorable members of the Sangguniang Panglungsod;

          Hon. Arlyn J. Jumao-as

          Hon. Rima H. Hassan

          Hon. Mayra L. Kallahal

          Hon. Jessica E. Flores

          Hon. Sali A. Polo

          Hon. Roy M. Mateo

          Hon. Clarito B. San Juan

          Hon. Malik A. Uyag

          Hon. Tito Q. Ramos

          Hon. Manny U. Sumampil

Our very active honourable Punong Barangays;

To our very active and reliable men-in-uniform.

Our beloved religious leaders;

My felicitations as well to the Cuevas-Pamaran-Antonio-Flores Cla, most specially to our CPAF elders;

To the heads of offices and fellow Civil Servants of LGU- Lamitan.

To the business sectors, Civil Society Organizations, People’s Organization, Senior Citizen, Barangay Health Workers, our Mason Brothers, DepEd Family headed by Dr. Aida Alih.

Friends from the media…

To all Lamitenos, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, to all of us, assalammu alaykum…

First and foremost, I would like to thank the one true God of the City, the Almighty for this wonderful opportunity to again speak to you today and share to you our journey towards development, what have been our milestones and what more lies ahead for us towards achieving our vision of a sustainable and progressive Lamitan City. Indeed, full of gratitude in my heart, dehellu amban kemon, mabayah pasampay ku pagsukul ku si Allah si waktu halgah pangurung ne si aku inin, labeyan duk kapagbissa ku balik duk kaam kemon, duk magsukul isab si padambuwah bi pamikil duk pangateyan ilabey miyaan duk sinong te iyan para si kasanyangan duk kahapan lahat te Lamitan City inin.

I stand before you once again to deliver my 3rd State of the City Report. Allow me to thank each and every one of you who came here today, for taking interest in listening to what our City has accomplished and what is still in store for us for the coming years.

June 2013- I, together with the Vice Mayor as well as our 10 esteemed and well-respected councilors, have been entrusted by the majority of the population with a huge responsibility of leading Lamitan City. A trust that we have not taken lightly, but rather, continue to earnestly work hard for as you have deemed us to be worthy and capable caretakers of this beloved city.

Likening our leadership/governance to that of a parent keen on building a house with strong pillars- capable of withstanding external and internal pressures of everyday life, we have rallied everyone towards envisioning and working together for an Abante Lamitan City. Mucho ganeh siguro conustedes ta kansa ya owi kanamun kay unlimited el diamon call for a forward moving city. 2013 pa lang ganeh pirmi ya lang kita ta abla “Abante Lamitan City!” asta ara “Abante Lamitan City” pa siyempre el diaton linya. This outcry of a forward moving city has given us all an inspiration of how we want Lamitan to be the future of every Lamiteños… a goal that we, city officials, have been working for since Day 1 in office… the vision that we unwaveringly adhered on to for every action that we make during this 3-year term.


And without doubt, I can truly say our efforts have not been in vain because in our commitment to serve you, the City Government of Lamitan has been very blessed to be given recognitions and accreditations from different governing agencies by championing good governance practices, engaging citizenry participation, and advocating transparency.

For 2 consecutive years, CY 2014 and 2015, the ARMM Regional Gawad Kalasag Award was conferred to Lamitan City. We have been cited as the Best Prepared City in the ARMM Region for our Outstanding Performance in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and for our existing local disaster coordinating teams.

Aside from this, we were also able to achieve the Level II Accreditation for the Civil Service Commission’s HR-Prime early 2015. This basically means that we have satisfactorily implemented the CSC Human Resource Systems and Programs. Thus, I would like to commend the departments who have worked hard for this most especially to our HR Department headed by –Ma’am Gaye Buenaventura. Also, our deepest gratitude to our CSC Director Gil Caburnay for guiding and assisting us as we move up to the levels of this program. And this 1st quarter of 2016 we are already gearing up for a Level III Accreditation Assessment. So, kindly include this in your prayers that we will receive this level 3 accreditation and wish us good luck.

A certification of the Seal of Good Housekeeping was also given in 2014 by the DILG and we also have begun working to attain the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG). Presently, in a letter from the DILG Under Secretary Austere Panadero, LGU-Lamitan has already complied 4 out of the 6 criteria for the SGLG Seal which are: Social Protection, Peace and Order, Environmental Management, and Business- Friendliness and Competitiveness.

Actually, Lamitan City is the only LGU in ARMM to have been recognized and qualified for the seal.

We are hoping that we will be able to comply with the criteria of all these recognition and accreditations this 2016. Attaining these recognitions only mean one thing: better services and good governance for the people… which basically is what we want in aiming for an Abante Lamitan City. Thus, today, in my final State of the City Report for this term, allow me to account to you what the City Government has initiated or accomplished in the previous years and what it projects to accomplish for the year 2016.























In prioritizing the health of Lamiteños, we have realized the need to further enhance and monitor the delivery of care through:

  1. Effective Health Governance

Aiming for this, the City Government has done the following:

  1. Created the Lamitan Extended Health Board which led to the Formation of Barangay Health Board in all 45 barangays of Lamitan City.
  1. Established partnership with the 200 Barangay Health Workers (BHW)
  1. Conducted the Paanakan Initiative: Fostering Partnership between the skilled birth attendants (midwives) and traditional birth attendants (hilots).
  1. Augmented Workforce by:
    1. Hiring our own Dentist in 2013 in the person of DR.MICHAEL ANGELO CASTILLO
  1. And just last year, we also hired another Physician, DRA. ANA MARIE ABUJEN to assist our City Physician, Dr. Vicente Yu III with his tasks and responsibilities in the City Health Office.
  1. Augmented Supply of Apparatus and Supplies such as BP apparatus and nebulizers to different Barangay Health Stations.
  1. Provision of Dental Supplies and Equipment such as Dental Chair and tools, Ultrasonic Scaler, Sterilizer, and Portable Dental Chair.
  1. Provided Social Protection through Health Insurance/ Philhealth Coverage
  1. In 2015, there has been an increase in the number of Lamitenos covered with Philhealth. We have:
    1. 14,459 – under National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction.
    2. 500 persons sponsored by the LGU
    3. And All the 5,033 Senior Citizens of Lamitan City
  • For this 2016, we will again be allocating 500 slots of LGU Sponsored Philhealth with priorities given to our BHWs, Madaris, SCAA, and walk-in Expectant Mothers.

It was also during this year that our Rural Health Units. The Main and the west (in Sta. Clara) have been accredited with the 3-in-1 Package which gives the following services:


  1. Primary Care Benefits – Tsek Ap (Consultation)
  2. MCP – Maternal Care Package
  3. TB-DOTS – Direct Observed Treatment Short course.

The 3 in 1 package means that for every/any client who avails any of these 3 services, Philhealth will shoulder the expenses of these services and/or medications. You should be getting them for free. So, I hope our Lamiteños even our neighboring municipalities will take this opportunity to regain their health by availing of this free services.

  1. This 2016, we are awaiting the PhilHealth accreditation of Barangay Limo-ok Birthing Facility as well as Barangay Malinis Birthing Facility. We will also be upgrading our services from 3in1 package to a 4-in-1 package, so to qualify, NEWBORN SCREENING is ongoing.
  1. Health Infrastructure

Moreover, acknowledging the government’s deficits in terms of health infrastructure, we have prioritized the following health infrastructure projects since 2013:

  1. On-going Construction of Lamitan Kong Mahal Infirmary which will be completed anytime this year.
  1. Completion of the City Health Office Extension.
  1. Upgrade of the Main Rural Health Unit into a 24 hour Birthing Facility
  1. And just last year our Regional Governor Turned –over HFEP Birthing Facilities in 7 Barangays. We now have HFEP Birthing Facility in Barangay…
    1. Limo-ok
    2. Malinis
    3. Balagtasan
    4. Kulaybato
    5. Baungus
    6. Calugusan
    7. Campo-Uno
  1. Completion of the Satellite Treatment Center for Programmatic Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Center in Barangay Colonia
  1. Health Services

Since 2014 we were able to conduct ROSE Health Caravans in almost all the Barangays. Wherein 13,701 Lamiteños were given the following services:

  1. Medical Consultation
  2. Dental Services
  • Diabetes and Hypertension Screening
  1. Eye Check-up with FREE Reading Glasses
  2. Maternal and Child Services thru USAPANG BUNTIS
  3. Vaccine Administration such as DSSM and Flu Vaccines
  • Distribution of Hygiene Kits and Slippers
  • Supplemental Feeding
  1. Distribution of Assorted Vegetable Seeds
  2. Animal Healthcare

All these services were given for free, and integrated into our ROSE Health Caravans for almost 3 years now. We will continue to serve our fellow Lamitenos through this program this 2016. We look forward to integrating other services into this program in the future.

  1. Lastly, allow me to acknowledge our Health Partners, who have guided and supported us in improving delivery of health care to our Lamiteños. To the :


  1. Ones behind the Health Leadership for the Poor: ARMM Regional Gov. Mujiv Hataman and ZUellig Family Foundation
  3. USAID- MindanaoHealth Jhpiego
  4. Provincial Health Office
  5. The Global Fund
  6. Philippine Business for Social Progress
  7. PhilHealth Basilan Local Health Insurance Office

Thank you very much. Your contributions have been very crucial in accomplishing our goal of providing abante health care services to Lamiteños…

Allow me also to recognize the entire team of the City Health Office headed by Dr. Vicente P. Yu for tirelessly planning, monitoring, and preparing every activities and tasks that the City Government undertakes. Keep up the good work.



Recognizing education as an effective long-term solution to achieve our vision of an Abante Lamitan City, the City Government has always been supportive of our educational sector’s endeavors in terms of the following:

  1. Augmenting educational facilities and infrastructure
    1. In 2015, our Vice Mayor, Hon. Roderick Furigay together with yours truly, donated 1 hectare lot with a right of way for the proposed construction of the DAMASO FURIGAY MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL in Barangay Calugusan. This will initially be equipped with 20 computers from the sisters of our Vice Mayor, Mrs. Amy Furigay-Quides and Mrs. Vivian Furigay-Dudgeon. Also, as an incentive for our youth, Uniform and school supplies will also be provided for them. And the City Government will be subsidizing the salary of the Teachers.
  1. The City Government supported the Construction of the Lamitan City Special Education (SPED) Center for our children with disabilities at the Lamitan Central Elementary School. This center has 2 classrooms and is ran by 5 SPED teachers supervised under the Department of Education. As of today, 24 pupils are enrolled in SPED.
  1. Last Year, we supported the opening of the Villa Asuncion National High School in Barangay Ulame by giving allowance to 4 volunteer teachers. To date, there are 19 students enrolled.
  1. Youth Sector

In the Youth Sector, we have been very active in empowering out of school youth together with USAID EDC-Mindanao Youth for Development Program, non-government organizations and different lines agencies like DepEd, DOST, and Action Bridges Aspirations (ABA) Trainings as our reliable partners. With our programs on the youth, we had a total of 162 graduates while 331 OSYs are currently enrolled in the Alternative Learning System. In addition some OSY graduated from ACES Natural Farming Institute, while others continued their studies.

  1. As for educational assistance, 358 college and high school students were given a scholarship during SY 2014-2015. From our LGU subsidized scholars since the time of former Mayor now Vice Mayor Oric, 50 already graduated from college and 20 students graduated from secondary education. This number increased to 385 scholars for school year 2015-2016.
  1. Update on Mahad Islamiya, a Madrasa located in Lagasan.
  1. Our Congressmn, Hon. Jim Hataman-Salliman, donated one classroom building.
  1. Additional One classroom building from Anak Mindanao Partylist Representative Hon. Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman;
  1. And road concreting from the High way going to Madrasa through the support of our Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman.
  1. If you remember last year, the City Government of Lamitan donated the 6,000 sq.m lot for this madrasa.
  1. Last year we had 100 Madaris teachers; this year, 50 more Teachers were added –from 100, we now have 150 Madaris teachers, each receiving a monthly allowance and fuel allocation.
  1. The City Government has also allocated for the extra-curricular activities of the students such as the:
  1. PALARONG ARMMAA 2015. This annual event is regularly participated by our high school and elementary students, where they are able to show the abilities and discipline of a Lamiteño athlete. And in the three years that Lamitan City has participated in this event, our young delegates have never failed to give us honor. Last year, our high school delegates were hailed as the overall champion, while our elementary team bagged the 2nd runner up for their division. They were even cited as the most disciplined delegation and Best in Uniform.
  1. However, our young athletes are NOT only the source of pride and honor in the education sector, our teachers who have untiringly guided these students have also given us pride and honor in the ARMM Region. In 2014, one of our teachers has been recognized as one of the most outstanding teachers in the ARMM Region. She is no other than Mrs. Adora Nicolas. Then in 2015, 2 others garnered the same recognition in the persons of: Dr. Laura Belarmino and Mrs. Emelita Abong. Also on the same year, our very own councilor, Hon. Rima Hassan, the CEO of MACFI, have been named as 2015’s Most Outstanding Bangsamoro Educator.

Thus, to DepEd headed by Dr. Hja. Aida ALih, to our three outstanding teachers, and to Hon Councilor Rima Hassan Congratulations! These recognitions indeed inspire us to keep on going forward.

































  1. Children Welfare
  1. We have 49 Day Care Services and to augment the allowance they are receiving from the Barangay, the LGU will give monthly allowance to all Daycare workers.
  1. 7,797 children benefitted from the ROSE Health Caravan and for this year 2016, supplementary feeding is being implemented by the CSWD.

For Children with Disabilities

  • Registration started with 138 children in 2014; it has now reached a total of 220 children in 2015. PWD IDs were issued by the City Government, and they have same benefits as the Senior Citizens.
  1. Family Welfare
    1. Completion of the Crisis Intervention Unit This was just completed and it is located at the City Hall ground near CSWD Office.

(Aora, aquellos tiene problema espesyalmente akel ta experiencia abuso, violence o crisis na dila familia… tiene ustedes onde pwede kore y queda temporaryamente.)

  1. Construction of 5 units Core Shelter Assistance in Little Cebu, Brgy Maganda. This is for the Sabah displaced families.
  1. Initialized the Program on Solo Parent Act by issuance of Solo Parent IDs.
  1. Women Welfare

The Empowering Women for Sustainable Development Program which began in 2014 with 1,575 now reached 4,347 members in 45 barangays.

  1. Senior Citizens
  1. Through the active and efficient leadership of our OSCA Chairman Mr. Hilario P. Blando and our Federation Officers, our Senior Citizen registrants reached a population of 5,033 as of 2015 with 50 associations in the 45 barangays of Lamitan City. They also have ensured in partnership with Philhealth-Basilan that our registered senior citizens are automatically enrolled in Philhealth.
  1. In addition, 618 indigent senior citizens are receiving 1,500 Php quarterly. An additional of 418 Indigent Senior Citizens will receive their Social Pension this 2016.
  1. Youth Sector

In the Youth Sector, we provided adequate support for the youth trainings, where:

  1. 367 graduated from TESDA Skills Trainings
  2. 184 Out-of-School-Youth completed the Emerging Skills Trainings like banca making and yakan cloth weaving

In addition, capability enhancement interventions including the ROSE Youth Leadership Academy as a result a number of local youth organizations were recognized in the Regional and National Level. Youth Working for Change, a lamitan-based youth organization was a finalist in the recently concluded National Youth Commission 13th Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations Awards. While Coco Jolly Association and ABA Lamitan named as one of ARMM Ten Accomplished Youth Orgnizations. This is proof enough that our efforts to develop our youth has not been in futility. Our youth organizations are empowered and engaged citizens, they lead the way to our future.

To our CSWD Office headed by Perli Tacorda, OSCA Chairman Jun Blando, Federation President Mrs. Pilar Susana Jamiro… Thank you for helping us in taking care of different sector, most specially the elderly in our community.



  1. Under PAMANA (Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan) 11.1 Million worth of Livelihood projects were transferred to newly created cooperatives in 37 barangays.


  1. Under Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process (GPBP) formerly Bottom-Up Budegting (BUB)

A total of 1.5 M seed capital was transferred to 6 barangays

  1. For Sustainable Livelihood Program

Seed capital amounting to 2,750,000 is about to turn over to 11 barangays for livelihood

  1. Under Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program- 3,575 Household Beneficiaries are receiving cash grant for children’s health and education.




  1. The City Government of Lamitan contracted 321 Job Order employees were contracted, all of whom are Lamitan City residents with the aim of providing them with income opportunities and in some way alleviate poverty.



  1. The past 2 years have been rough years for the agricultural sector not only within Lamitan City but the entire nation as well.
  1. Beginning with the endemic issue of the Cocolisap which affected a large part of the coconut plantations of the entire Basilan Province. Our coconut farms have been partially affected by this infestation, thus, our City Agriculture Office have been working with the Philippine Coconut Authority in monitoring and providing assistance in controlling this pestilence. In a report provided by PCA, in 2015 around 6, 185.89 hectares of coconut plantation which is 50.88% of coconut plantation were found to be affected by Cocolisap, a pest that decreases the yield of coconut trees.

The Philippine Coconut Authority implemented the following measures to control the spread of the pestilence.

According to PCA data, as of present, 552, 019 trees were given intervention out of 618,589 trees.

  1. The prolonged dry season has also been a challenge for the agricultural industry of Lamitan City. The prolonged drought has decreased production yield and resulted to losses for our farmers especially our Lamitan City small-scale farmers. Thus, in an effort to reduce the devastating effects the City Government thru the City Agriculture Office has :
  1. Provided capability building seminar and workshops
  1. Provision of inputs support to farmers especially small-scale farmers such as:
  1. Provision of palay & corn seeds, vegetable seeds, Foliar Fertilizer, Vermi Worms, Garden Tools, especially water tanks and drums for storage.
  2. Provision of 2,159 grafted fruit trees as alternatives to discourage monocrop farming.
  • The following equipment and machineries were turned over or made available for the use of our farmers:
  1. thru the initiative of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries- ARMM:
    1. 2 units Hand Tractor
    2. 2 units Kuliglig
    3. 2 units Thresher
    4. 1 unit Combine Harvester
  1. Thru Hon. Jim Hataman-Salliman Congressional Fund:
    1. 24 units of Mini-Rice Mill with Destoner which were turned over to 5 Farmers’ Association in Lamitan City.

Maraming Salamat Sir Jim, Malaking tulong poi to sa ating mga magsasaka.

  1. The City Government also allocated 1 unit Water Pump to LARBECO Vegetable farmers and will repair irrigation canal for our rice farmers.
  1. While Our Bottom-Up Budgeting under the Integrated Organic Farming Program it provided:
    1. 9 units Cassava Grater with presser
    2. 1 unit Shredder Machine
    3. 1 unit Water Facility
  1. Aside from the natural calamities, our rubber and coconut farmers are also experiencing a depreciating/low market price selling for 2 of our major products: coconut and rubber. This has affected most especially our small-scale rubber and coconut farmers. Thus, the city agriculture office has been providing capability building and input support to our farmers:
  1. Trainings on rubber productions and tapping techniques to increase the yield and improve the quality of rubber.
  2. Provision of 9,900 rubber budded seedlings to augment supply of our small-time rubber growers.
  • Provision of coagulating containers/banyeras and tapping knives.
  1. We also observed the increase in market demand on cocoa based products such as tablea and cocoa beans for chocolates while our supply remains unchanged. So the City Government engaged in Cacao production project to support our farmers and to further expand their cacao farms.
  • Aside from cacao production, we also provided alternative livelihood for the affected coconut and rubber farmers. We introduced abaca production……. And provided 25,000 abaca planting materials, to interested farmers, for free!
  1. Various livestock were also distributed to beneficiaries under the BUB Project for 2015. Lamitenos were given swine, cattle, carabao, and goats.
  1. Implemented the Lambaklad Project for our Fisher folks. Unfortunately, nasira ang fish pens dahil sa typhoon. Hopefully they can start all over again.
  1. Livelihood Projects and equipments were also allocated through the LGU Funds as well as from BFAR-ARMM and distributed to various beneficiaries of Lamitan City:
  1. 1 unit (double engine) motorized and 21 units nonmotorized banca through the ARMM HELPS Program for Barangay Ulame
  1. 10 units 6.5 Hp Platinum Engine motorized Banca with complete Accessories
  1. Demo-Project on marine species culture in pond from LGU’s 20% Development Fund
  1. Gillnets and Shallow water payao were also distributed
  1. Shallow water fish Corral as well as Gillnets and Fish pots through the intiative of BFAR.
  • Gratitude/ Partners:


  1. The challenges that lies before us would not been overcome without their unwavering support and inputs:


  1. Congressman Jim Hataman Salliman
  2. Provincial Government headed by Gov. Jum Akbar
  • JICA-DA PhilRIce Farmer Field School
  3. Philippine Coconut Authority
  • National Irrigation Administration

Maraming Salamat po sa inyong pagtulong at pagmamalasakit.

And of course to the superwoman behind the City Agriculture Office, Ma’am Bibing Ablao and her very supportive staff, Thank you very much!

Ng dahil sa inyo, Masagana ang Ani at maraming buhay ang gumanda lalo na nang ating mga magsasaka at mangingisda…



















Keeping our commitment towards creating an eco-friendly city, the greening and cleaning program of the Rose Administration which started way back 2013 has been running for 2 years now. I am glad to share with you our milestones in the implementation of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Program.

In 2013 we started developing our dumpsite; in 2014, series of advocacy activities to different sectors were conducted; in 2015, we are FULLY implementing our ISWMP with the deployment of 20 Bantay Basura around the city in addition to the regular street sweepers we already have. With their presence, our surroundings is kept at their cleanest and citizens violating our SWM ordinance were given warnings and even issued citation tickets. The Bantay Basura were able to fine P15,000 in 4 months time

  1. We added some features in Lamitan City Eco-park like additional Material Recovery Facility as well as Septic Vault for Toxic/ Hazardous Waste.
  2. Our eco-park though it is still developing is chosen as one of the destinations for educational tours. Soon we will acquire additional 10-hectare lot for eco-park and agricultural use.
  • Year round Tree planting Activities were also conducted in barangays Arco, Bulingan, Lumuton, Boheyakan and Bohesapa. Together with our partners, a total of 10,000 mahogany seedlings were planted.
  1. Since we started the implementation of Mindanao Rural Development Program-Natural Resource Management in 2012, we have expanded our coverage of Mangrove area in Barangay Ulame by planting 8,000 propagules… Soon it will be developed into an Eco-park.
  1. Under the Coastal Resource Management, we are maintaining marine protected areas/ fish sanctuaries in barangay Malo-ong Canal, Tandung Ahas and calugusan.
  1. To intensify the protection of our marine sanctuaries and coastal areas from illegal activities including sand quarrying, we deployed 7 Bantay Dagat on a 24/7 watch.
  • Riverbank Protection Efforts have also been implemented through the Rio Limpio, Rio Vivo Program
  • Our Earth Day Celebration was also a laudable one where various activities were held aimed at raising public awareness and collective efforts in caring for Mother Nature.

So I would like to thank everyone for supporting our programs on environment and sanitation and same goes to our partners in the NGOs, POs, Academe, Barangay Officials, & Peace-keeping forces. Special thanks to Engr. Kaye Hibionada and Ma’am Bibing Ablao and their staff for their unwavering dedication to this cause.


On Disaster Prevention Preparedness and Mitigation, I am proud to inform everyone that the City of Lamitan has just been recently awarded the Gawad Kalasag for 2015 from among municipalities and cities in ARMM. Being twice given the same award for 2014 & 2015 , we do not intend to rest in terms of innovating better and fool-proof ways of ensuring zero casualty in times of disasters and calamities: maintenance of drainages and canals in the poblacion by our City Engineering Office headed by Engr. Ignacio Enriquez;  trainings and capacity building activities, acquisition of rescue boats, construction of covered courts to serve as  evacuation centers, bridges, tsunami control and rain gauges were put in place (special thanks to DOST-ARMM Secretary Myra M. Alih for the rain gauges). Emergency response groups down to barangays are continuously trained and developed to become better if not the best responders in emergency situations. These were achieved also with the help of our capable and effective DRRM Officer, Engr. Jay Dompol and our active partners in the Barangays, the Academe and other agencies. A promising partnership also have been forged with the Philippine Coast Guard, with yours truly being conferred the rank as Commander. With this development, we hope to be able to benefit from their expertise and experience in the aspect of training and other capacity development interventions as well as for a more efficient coordination of our efforts in keeping our coasts safe and secured. At this point in time, I would like to thank our Coast Guard Officers headed by P01 Diominaser Abdulla Sub Station Lamitan Commander.

Allow me also to thank Capt. Eric Gonzalez of PCGA 305th Squadron Commander.

And Lt. Junior Grade Jimmy Berbo, Station Commander f CGS Zamboanga.

And fellow coast guard officers for your presence this morning. They came in full force…



Tourism development efforts have been one of my flagship programs and we have come far in terms of tourism development. Existing and potential tourist spots were developed to better improve accessibility and attract more tourists. We have revived the Calesa Experience something we are lucky to still have in Lamitan City with the provision of additional calesas. Local landmarks like the Kalun’s Park and Datu Dizal Cultural Center have undergone rehabilitation to better preserve its beauty as historical landmarks and we have invested so much at developing local talents to showcase our rich Yakan Heritage in various festivals, cultural shows and competitions not just here in the Philippines but abroad as well.

  1. During the Pakaradjaan Basilan, our entries never fail to win the top spot. Making us always the Grand Champion.
  2. Just recently in the Pakaradjaan sa ARMM, the Department of Tourism recognized the City of Lamitan for making Lami-Lamihan Festival one of the best festivals in the region.

Our Yakan Cultural Heritage plays a significant role in our Tourism Development and for that, allow me to express my gratitude to the people who made all these possible:

  • Corazon Arreola- head of the City Tourism Office
  • Victoria Siason- Chairperson of the Lamitan City Tourism Council
  • To the delegates who did not fail to make us proud most especially the Lamitan National High School- La Kultura Performing Arts led by Mr. Elmer dela Cerna whose group always represents this city in every cultural competition.

Thank you all very much!


  1. Since the beginning of my leadership, we have made it a point to comply with the criteria ensuring good governance through transparency and accountability. The recognitions we have received through the years attest to this commitment. Our continuous compliance to requirements and service upgrades/ enhancements have paved the way for Lamitan City to be awarded the Seal of Good Housekeeping now the Seal of Good Local Governance and the Level 2 HR-Prime Accreditation.
  1. We prioritize and value effectiveness and efficiency and reinforce good work performance with a Performance Based Management System. We make it a point to hire only qualified, trustworthy and service oriented individuals to ensure the quality of service we give to our citizens. Civil Service rules and regulations are complied with and proper rewards and incentives are given for good work performance. The City Government in acknowledging the efforts and contributions of outstanding individuals and LGU employees, gives awards and recognitions annually to recognize and reinforce good work performance and exemplary behaviors among Lamiteños.
  • Moreover, the City Government also makes it a point to promote Good Governance Awareness with the annual Celebration of the Governance Week. The celebration emphasizes the importance of citizen empowerment in good local governance. Thus, various capability development seminars and workshops have been conducted and citizen participation in various decision making processes is highly valued.
  1. In our efforts to upgrade our transaction systems, last year, the salary disbursement of our employees has been converted to an ATM-based system from a manual disbursement method to avoid inefficiencies.

This 2016, we hope to continue all these and provide better services to the people of Lamitan City with the re-accreditation of the Seal of Excellence in Citizen Services in the implementation of the Anti-Red Tape Act.



Our peace and security is of utmost concern to each one of us Lamiteños. Thus, the City Government has been in close coordination with our men in uniform, most especially with our Lamitan City Police Station, who have done their best to perform their duties.

Since PSI Gean Gallardo took over the post as the Chief of Police of Lamitan City late in November 2014,

  1. There has been a notable increase in the Crime Solution Efficiency. From a 25% in 2013 to 42% in 2015. This increase reflects an improvement in the ability to resolve crimes.


  1. There was also an increased campaign against Illegal Drugs and Illegal Firearm Possession. This campaign began on the last quarter of 2014 and was intensified in 2015. In the less than 2 years of that PSI Gean O. Gallardo has been in his post as Chief of Police of the Lamitan City Police Station, his agency were able to confiscate packs of illegal drugs and seized illegal firearms.


  • This accomplishment earned the Lamitan City Police recognition from the PNP ARMM Region. Moreover, the success of their operations may be attributed to the close coordination between the stakeholders and among peace keeping forces in Lamitan City. Together, our Police Forces led by our Provincial Director PSSupt. Oscar Nantes with our Chief of Police Gean Gallardo, RPSB, PPSC, PNP-SAF, 19th SF, as well as our Armed Forces headed by the Col. Rolando Bautista of the 104th Brigade with Lt.Col Elmer Suderio of the 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion, have become a force to reckon with.


  1. This even resulted to the capture of wanted personalities who have been constantly disrupting our security and peace. Kumbaga sila ung AVENGERS ng Lamitan City or pwede ding SUPERFRIENDS.
  1. Thus, The City Government has supported our men in uniform through the following:


  1. Facility Upgrade: Fencing of the Lamitan City Police Station
  2. Establishment of a Practice Firing Range in Calugusan
  3. Augment security through Special Civilian Auxillary .
  4. Provision of CCTV and Radios

To our protectors: Lamitan City Police, RPSB, PPSC, PNP-SAF, 3rd SRB, 19th Special Force Army, and to all our men in uniform who have constantly risked their lives for our safety and protection…Ng dahil sa inyo, nakakatrabaho kame ng maayos sa umaga at nakakatulog kame ng mahimbing sa gabi, Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo! We look forward to working with you as we strive to make this city peaceful and harmonious.



  1. We envision Lamitan City to become self-sustaining economy relying mostly in our own sources of income. We continuously increase our collection efficiency and exceed the targets set by the Bureau of Local Government Finance in terms of:
    1. business taxes- exceeded by 500,000 or 8.6% above the target
    2. fees and charges- exceeded by 900,000 or 54% above the target
    3. real property taxes- exceeded by 1.4 M or 142% above the target
    4. economic enterprises- exceeded by 335,000 or 5% above the target

This is the result of good governance, perseverance and commitment to establish rules and regulations.

  • Meeting our collection targets is attributed to:
    1. Continuation of a One Stop Shop Business Registration Application/Renewal
      1. As of 2015, there was a slight increase of the registered businesses in Lamitan City compared to the number of registrations on 2014. With the ongoing constructions of business and commercial infrastructures.
  1. We also have intensified our Business Permit Inspections/Tax Mapping and Follow-ups thru our ROSE Inspection Team.
  2. Development of our Facilities such as the Construction of Additional Market Stalls, Fencing of our Public Market, and other improvements such as the Construction of Prayer Room, Renovation of Business Renewal Services Facility and Augment supplies and equipment
  1. Thus, I would like to commend Ms. Jeanoraine Lopez, Ms. Janeth Flores and their staff for a job well done, as well as our Economic Enterprise Development Office now under the stewardship of Engr. Kaye Hibionada. We are hoping that this 2016 we will able to surpass our 2015 performance.



















The City Government of Lamitan have initiated the following Infrastructure projects for 2015…

This is where your taxes go…

  1. Under the 20% Development Fund
    1. Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall in Brgy Bohe Yawas (Completed)
    2. Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall in Brgy Bohe Nange (Completed)
    3. Construction of Overflow Bridge in Brgy. Look (Completed)
    4. Construction of Overflow Bridge in Bohe Yakan (Completed)
    5. Concreting of Idris Drive Road In Brgy Maganda (Completed)
    6. Concreting of Sengal – Bliss Road Sengal (Completed)
    7. Finishing of Motorpool Fencing (Completed)
    8. Construction of Perimeter Fence at Oval Market Road (On-going)
    9. Development of ECO park in Brgy Ubit (Completed)
    10. Concreting of Imam Utoh Junction road (Completed)
    11. Development of Oval Public Market (On-Going)
    12. Installation of Street Lights from Campo-Uno to Colonia to Sayugan (Completed)
    13. Rehabilitation of P. Cuevas Ext. Road (On-Going)
    14. Construction of Multi-Purpose Concrete Pavement (Completed)

And for implementation….

  1. Construction of Sidewalk infront City Hall
  2. Construction of Public Comfort Room

From the Land Bank Loan Package under supplemental Appropriation

  1. Acquisition of Heavy Equipment (All DELIVERED AND OPERATIONAL)
    1. Water Truck
    2. 5 tonner Forklift
    3. Wheel Loader
    4. Motor Grader
    5. Excavator (Back Hoe)
    6. 2 units of 10 Wheeler Dump Truck
    7. 2 Units of 6 Wheeler Dump Truck
    8. Vibratory Road Roller
    9. 10 wheeler Transit Mixer
    10. Man Lift Truck
    11. Pneumatic Tire Changer
    12. Welding Machine with Engine
    13. Repair of Bulldozer
  1. Concreting of Traversing Barangay Roads
    1. Brgy Bulanting to Lagasan (On-going)
    2. Brgy Baas to Lebbuh (Completed)
    3. Brgy Boheyakan to Arco (On-going)
    4. Brgy Buahan to Calugusan (On-going)
    5. Brgy Ubit to Panansangan to Dumpsite (ON-going)
    6. Brgy Limook (LARBECO) (Completed)
    7. Brgy Sta Clara (On-Going)
    8. Brgy Bohe Sapa (On-going)
    9. Brgy Baungus (On-Going)
    10. Brgy Malinis (Serevo Cuevas St) (On Going)
    11. Brgy Colonia (Cemetery) (Completed)
  1. Still from Land Bank Loans
    1. Construction of Infirmary/Birthing Facility (On-going) – 15M
    2. Construction of City Gymnasium (On-going) – 35M
    3. Construction of Two Floors Commercial Complex (Business Center) (On-going) – 44M
    4. Construction of Six Multi-Purpose Center/Covered Court (On-Going) – 15M

And responding to our constituents’ clamor for a steady power supply, the City government after careful study and a series of consultations with various agencies and stakeholders, we are finally on the final stages of running the awaited Procurement of 4 units Generator sets… and yes, ladies and gentlemen, the units have arrived in Lmaitan City last January 22. Taki ya gayot el diatom 5Megawatt generators which will ensure that Lamitan City will have a stable supply of electricity soon. No more frequent and days-long blackouts and brownouts in Lamitan City. El diatom mga vivientes ay pwede ya durmi imbuenamente kay tiene ya man electric fan, so hinde ya sinti kalyente. Gone are the days that candles or lamps and batteries are part of our daily budget. Most of all, with our very own ROSE Powerplant, Lamitan City becomes conducive for business heavily reliant on constant power supply. This will also be a significant contribution in ensuring our safety and security. Thus, we are in high hopes that this project will hasten us into achieving our vision of an Abante Lamitan City.

Another promising development significant to our economy is the opening up of the Fish Port Facility to the public. This project is expected to be turned over to the City Government and is expected to boost the fishing industry making our vision of being an agro-industrial hub in this part of the country a reality.

  1. Next the On-going Infrastructure Projects by Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the LGU Lamitan and DPWH ARMM thru the initiative of Gov. Mujiv Hataman
    1. Concreting of Limook-Balobo-Bulingan Road (Phase I)
    2. Concreting of Limook-Balobo-Bulingan Road (Phase II)
    3. Concreting from LAmitan Highway-Ubit-Bohe Yawas, Road
    4. Concreting of Balobo -Barangay Colonia
    5. Concreting of Sayugan-Little Cebu,
    6. Concreting of Lagasan (State College) – City Hall (Imam Uto)
    7. Concreting of Brgy. Calugusan-Brgy. Luksumbang
    8. Concreting of Brgy. Sta Clara to Bohe Nange
    9. Concreting of Brgy. Kapatanga– Brgy Bohe Nange (Trancentral Road)



  • On-going Projects From DPWH-ARMM under the Basilan District Engineering Office thru the initiative of Regional Gov. Mujiv Hataman
    1. Concreting of Brgy Sengal – Brgy Balas – 60M
    2. Concreting of Brgy Sengal – Brgy Balas – 90M
    3. Concreting of Inner Lagasan (DPWH Office) Road – 12M
    4. Concreting of Brgy Batu Road – 2.4M
    5. Concreting of Lamitan Highway – Maloong San Jose – Maloong Canal Road – 36M
    6. Concreting of Balagtasan – Tumakid Road – 18M
    7. Expansion of Lamitan Water District (Phase II) – 20M
    8. Construction of Deep Well with elevated tank, Inner Lagasan – 2M
    9. Expansion of Lamitan Water District (Phase III) – 15M
    10. Construction of Balas Port – 5M
    11. Expansion of Lamitan Seaport with 2 RORO Heads– 150M
    12. Construction of Bulingan Bridge – 30M
    13. Construction of Shore Protection, Balas – 10M
    14. Gubawan river channel and Lamitan lateral drainage improvement works – 200M

Total amount of all the projects under Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman – 1.058B!!

Thank you so much RG Mujiv Hataman. Megsukul!

  1. Next are the On-going Projects under DPWH District, Funded by the DPWH-National Thru the initiative of Cong. Jim Hataman Salliman


  1. Road Widening at Kulay Bato (4 lanes) (Phase I) -47.4M
  2. Road Widening at Kulay Bato (Phase II)-26M
  3. Road Widenning at Kulay BAto (Phase III)-28M
  4. Flood Control at Balagtasan Bridge, Kahibaan Balagtasan-9M

*Completed Projects –

  1. Reblocking of Conc. Pavements along BCR (Ubit Section)-12.89M
  2. Reblocking of Conc. Pavements along BCR (Balagtasan Section)-9M
  3. Of Multi-purposed Building (GYMNASIUM) (Phase I)-12M

TOTAL – 153.29M.




But this does not end here, we have more projects slated for 2016 to better serve the needs of our people. With the support of various agencies, we are about to commence the following projects in 2016:

  1. From the DPWH-ARMM under the initiative of Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman
  2. Concreting of Baluno, Isabela City – Balas, Coastal Road – 42 M
  3. Concreting of Brgy. Bohe Bessey – brgy baimbing,– 28 M
  4. Concreting of Brgy. Baimbing – Brgy Balobo,– 28 M
  5. Concreting of Brgy. Campo Uno – Brgy. Balobo,– 28M
  1. Strategic Infrastructure
  1. Concreting of Brgy Sengal – Brgy Ubit, – 14 M
  2. Concreting of Lamitan City to Palm Beach (T-type) – 7M
  3. Concreting of Lamitan Highway – Baas – Lebbuh Road – 28M
  4. Concreting from National Road – Sengal – 21 M
  5. Concreting of Balagtasan – Ulame – BaungusTumakid Road (Phase I) – 28M
  6. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Maloong San Jose – maloong Canal – 28M
  7. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Ubit – Bohe Yawas – Lumuton Road – 14M
  8. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Limook – Balobo – Bulingan Phase III – 54M
  9. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Parangbasak – Baimbing – Cabobo Rd – 28M
  10. Concreting from Lamitan highway – Sta Clara – Tumakid – 14M
  11. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Sta Clara – Sumegol (Maloong San Jose) – 14M
  • Water Supply
  1. Construction of Balas Water System – 10M

Proposed Infrastructure Projects CY 2016

From the National coursed to DPWH ARMM thru the initiative of RG Mujiv Hataman

  1. Major Roads
  2. Concreting of Unpaved Shoulder from Lamitan City – Campo Uno – 56 M
  3. Concreting ofUnpaved Shoulder from Lamitan City – Isabela (Ubit – Sta Clara Section) – 56M
  4. Strategic Infrastructure
  5. Concreting from Balobo – Danit Puntukan /Bulingan – Bohe Yakan Road – 56M
  6. Concreting from lamitan highway – Limook – Balobo – Bulingan (Martha) Road Phase III– 70M
  7. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Sta Clara – Tumakid Road Phase II – 42M
  8. Concreting from lamitan Highway – Ubit – Buahan – Calugusan – Luksumbang – 56M
  9. Concreting from Balas Junction – Calugusan Coastal Road – 28M
  10. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Baas – Lebbuh Road – 42M
  11. Concreting from Balagtasan – Ulame – Baungus-Tumakid Road Phase II – 42M
  12. Cocnreting from Lamitan Highway – Maloong San Jose – maloong Canal Road – 42 M
  13. Concreting from Lamitan Highway – Lumuton – Look – Arco – Bohe Sapa – 42 M
  14. Water Supply
  15. Construction of Sta. Clara Water System – 40M

These National Projects amount to a total of 572 Million Pesos. Thank you very much President Noynoy Aquino and of course to our beloved Regional Governor Hon. Mujiv Hataman.

Clearly, we are at a stage where we are still gearing up to becoming a progressive, peaceful, and self-sustainable city that we envision. We still have a lot of work to do. So, I hope you will still be with us this 2016 as we strive to continue making this vision a reality.

Before I end, allow me to thank again and again the people behind these laudable projects:

  1. ARMM Regional Gov. Mujiv Hataman
  2. Jim Hataman Salliman

For your unwavering support and love to the people of Lamitan. Dahil sa inyo, patuloy and pag-aabante ng Lamitan City.

Thank You…

  1. Vice Mayor Oric Furigay
  2. Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod
  3. Military Officials and their Men
  4. Police Officers and their Men
  5. Barangay Officials
  6. Department Heads together with LGU employees

And of course my ever supportive, Dynamic, and hardworking staff J

Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat!

Together let us continue to dream and make things happen the way Lamitenos do it.  Our previous successes should serve as inspiration to face the future with the same level of dedication and optimism.

Takite ku bang saingge pages bin nabang maglugtuh duk tadawhat te inangan-angan duk kinabayaan te kahapanin para si lahat te inin. Magkahagad ku weh ekka kahapan para si kite kemon patekka duk magkahagad du isab ku weh gah niyah kahapan gai umatag bang pinagdambuwaan para si kite bi kemon Lamitenyos, duk kasanyangan sin lahat te Lamitan kinalasahan duk pinahargaan inin.

Together let us continue to have the will to change and make a difference.  We owe it to our children and our children’s children to pursue our vision for an Abante Lamitan City!

May the Almighty God be with us always in this quest. Good Day! Thank you very much.

Abante tayong lahat.

Abante Lamitan City!