Assalamu Alaykum wa RahmatULLAHi taala wa barakatu.

Ladies and gentlemen,

A bright and blessed New Year for us present here today, most especially to our beloved Lamitenos.

Before we, as a city, move on and finally face what is ahead this 2017…

Before we, in the City Government of Lamitan, finally close another fiscal year and gear up for another fruitful and what-may-be  a challenging new year for us, not only as Lamitenos but as Filipinos as well;

Allow me as the Chief Executive of this city, a duly elected public servant who is accountable to her people, to dwell and share with you today, during our annual state of the city report, just how far we have gone in our journey towards the ABANTE LAMITAN CITY we have envisioned.

As you all know that in the 3 going 4-year-old campaign for an Abante City, we have set our sights, as early as Day 01 of my tenure as Chief Executive, in achieving the recognition of good governance bestowed by DILG among complying cities nationwide. A recognition that symbolizes the integrity and good performance of local governments. A recognition that we believe will propel us into the Abante Lamitan City that we are dreaming of.

As early as July 2013, we have set our goals in achieving the Seal of Good Housekeeping, and fortunately, the SGH has been bestowed to Lamitan City on the same year. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the previous administration of our then-mayor now Vice Mayor Hon. Roderick Furigay.

Come early 2014, the DILG raised the bar and introduced the Seal of Good Local Governance; retaining the Seal of Good Housekeeping as one of its core components under the Financial Administration criteria. With this, the City Government of Lamitan quickly aligned its programs in maintaining our SGH status and in achieving the 2 remaining core criteria (Social Protection and Disaster Preparedness) and as much as possible all the other areas of assessment wherein compliance with only 3 core and at least 1 essential is needed to get the seal.

Our efforts were indeed worth it, when in 2015, the City Government received a letter from the then-national DILG Undersecretary Austere Panadero of the previous administration, recognizing our city for having passed the Social Protection component as well as in the 3 essential areas- which are the following: Business Friendliness and Competitiveness, Peace and Order, and Environmental Management.

With a few steps away from being an SGLG recipient, this achievement also fuelled our desire to attain the Seal of Good Local Governance in 2016; again, through maintaining or upgrading what we have achieved while we work hand-in-hand in complying with the remaining criteria for this recognition. Simply putting it in today’s generation’s words, “kaunting kembot na lang at makukuha na natin…” =)

Finally, on October 2016… just last year… Lamitan City officially became a recipient of the Seal of Good Local Governance- . This was personally conferred to us by no other than our new DILG Sec. Mike Sueno during the National Conferment Ceremony last October 27, 2016 in Pasay City. Out of 1,672 LGUs only 306 were awarded the Seal of Good Local Governance… And, … ladies and gentlemen, it was indeed a moment of triumph for all- for us who have carefully planned, worked hard and diligently met deadlines to pass the criteria… but most of all, it is a victory for each and every Lamiteno- the reason behind all this.

Through the years, the City Government has relentlessly pushed for projects, policies and practices to improve their performance and services to the people. Deemed as one of the LGU promulgating good governance, the City Government were able to accomplish the following in order to meet the core components of the Seal of Good Local Governance.

Core I. Good Financial Housekeeping

  1. On achieving and maintaining Good Financial Housekeeping formerly referred to as the Seal of Good Housekeeping. As I have said earlier, the City Government of Lamitan City was already granted with this Seal as early as 2013 through the efforts of the previous local administration. This administration, on the other hand, was able to maintain this recognition. We have also ensured accountability and transparency through compliance with the Full Disclosure Policy of Local Budget and Finances Bids and Public Offerings, posting in conspicuous places, and posting in the FDP Portal. In fact, we are included in the List of LGU-Compliant on the Submission of Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (SRE) Reports for FY 2014, FY 2015, FY2016
  2. Our Financial Performance as shown in BLGF charts posted a gradual increase through the years 2014, 2015, 2016.Thanks to the people who worked hard most especially to:
  • our City Treasurer, Ms. Jeanoraine U. Lopez, who ranked 31st among City Treasurers in the Philippines in the CY 2014 result of the Performance Standards for Local Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers having obtained a Very Satisfactory rating of 85%.

      Under her leadership City Treasurer’s Office was recognized for having collected P1.985 M from Real Property Tax with a collection efficiency of 161% against an Annual target of P1.234 M for CY 2015 given last July 22, 2016 during the 3rd Quarter Conference and Mid-year Performance assessment of provincial, city and municipal assessors and treasurers and their ranking personnel in Pagadian City conferred by Bureau of Local Government Finance and Regional Association of Treasurers and Assessors (REGATA IX)

  • I would also like to commend our City Assessor, Ms. Janet M. Flores, for being the Most Efficient City Assessor in Region-9 for submitting quarterly reports on Real Property Assessments and other required reports given last July 22, 2016 during the 3rd Quarter Conference and Mid-year Performance assessment of provincial, city and municipal assessors and treasurers and their ranking personnel in Pagadian City. conferred by Bureau of Local Government Finance and Regional Association of Treasurers and Assessors (REGATA IX)

Core II. Disaster Preparedness

On Disaster Preparedness: considering that our city is not spared by both natural and man-made calamities, this administration have seen it necessary to prioritize Disaster Preparedness. Thus, every year, our City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Team have executed and supported policies and measures to prevent disasters and, most importantly, prepare our Lamitenos of any untoward event. Given our efforts in becoming a disaster prepared and disaster- resilient city, we were able to accomplish the following:

Effective governance through:

Trainings, Seminars, & Orientations led by CDRRM Lamitan

Function and Responsibilities and Calamity Disaster Preparedness Seminar

Family Disaster Plan and Basic Fire Safety Discussion

Basic First Aid lead by Philippine Red Cross Basilan

Family Disaster Plan

Basic Fire Safety

Water Search and Rescue(WASAR TRAINING)

Rubber Boat Operation & Maintenance (RBOM TRAINING)

Basic Life Support Training

Earthquake drill

Table-Top Planning Session on Tsunami Drill

Organizing and Reactivating our Barangay Emergency Response Network (BERN) to date we already have BERN in 21 barangays and trained Barangay Youth Emergency Response (BYER)

The City Government also capitalized on the following Infrastructure and    Emergency Equipment to aid us in our disaster response:

Construction of Evacuation Centers at Barangay Balas, Limook, Kulaybato, and Sports Complex which will serve as gymnasium and evacuation center

Installation of an Early Warning Device (EWD/ Wang2x) at Gubawan Bridge through the initiative of DOST-PAGASA. We also have installed the following EWDs:

Rain Gauge

City Hall Siren Device

CDRRM Marker

Signage of Evacuation Route

Provision of the following equipment:

Emergency First Aid Kit

Spine Board

Life Ring




Hand Held Radio

Radio Base


Fire Extinguisher

5 units Genset and 30 units Water Pump

Projected Installation of Free WiFi in Lamitan City to enhance information dissemination among our constituents from the newly created Department of Information Communication and Technology (DICT) called Juan Connect (Now People’s Connect) and also PAMANA Free Wifi implemented the DOST-ARMM of which equipments are already on pre bidding, soon it will be ready. Special thanks to DOST Regional Sec. Myra Mangkabung.

The City Government through our CDRRM has also responded and implemented measures on the following natural and manmade calamities that struck this city:

Fire incident occurred near Datu Kalun’s Park (Triangle) at Barangay Malinis affecting 11 commercial establishments. Each receives the amount of P20,000 financial assistance from the City Government.

Special Thanks to the Bureau of Fire Protection, SFO4 Vincent Saldariega and to all the firefighters and volunteers from Malunggay,  2M Construction, SCARBIDCI, CDRRMO-Isabela City.

Our gratitude also goes to Gov. Jim Hataman-Salliman for being with us during this incident and for giving assistance to our fire victims.

Barangay Kampurnah of our neighboring city, Isabela also suffered fire incident last year. We extended our help by sending our team: Mayor’s office, CSWD and CDRRM, to distribute relief goods to the victims.

Tornado at Barangay Sta. Clara damaging 21 houses but was urgently responded and assisted by LGU-LAMITAN- CDRRM, DPWH-ARMM, DAF-ARMM, and their BLGU. Quick assistance was given to those affected by this incident.

El Nino Phenomenon- this city has experienced a prolonged drought that resulted to:

bushfires and grassfires on the following areas:

Ubit- damaging Mahogany, Gemilina, amd Banana Trees

Sta. Clara damaging 100 hectares of Coconut Trees

Bulanting damaging 18 hectares of Rubber Trees

Damaged Palay and crops due to no supply of irrigation water that eventually affected food production.

Only Limited Pasture Areas for Livestock threatening their survival which might also affect our food supply.

According to the City Agriculture Office there are 6,398.5 hectares of crops damaged which amount to P137 Million.

In Response, we have implemented the following:

Barangay/Site Evaluation and Inspection

Restoration of 100 units of Water Tanks

Procurement of 3,000 gallons of water containers

Procurement of assorted sizes of 1,425 rolls of hose

Provision of Radios for quick and better communication

Financial Aid for victims of El Niño Phenomenon

Procurement/subsidy of seeding (rubber, coconut, banana)

Ongoing Construction of deep well

Ongoing Rehabilitation of the reservoir and water system

Patubig Project in Barangays Calugusan and Arco

We also gave a helping hand to Internally Displaced Families of Barangays Bohe-ibu and Baimbing. The City Government distributed relief goods.

Procurement of barangay emergency response vehicle (5 willies jeep, 10 Bonggo Masda, 2 Multicabs)


All these hardwork paid off because for 3 consecutive years (2014, 2015, and 2016), Lamitan City was hailed as the Best Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council” in the Region and now recognized as a Gawad Kalasag Award Hall of Famer, which enabled us to qualify for the 2nd core component of the SGLG: Disaster Preparedness.

For this, I wanna thank our CDRRM Officer, Engr. Jay Dompol and Staff, Ms. Pelita Tacorda and CSWD Staff, Ma’am Olivia Ablao and City Agriculture Staff

our partners: Office of Civil Defense-ARMM,

Philippine Coastguard, Philippine Red Cross,

Again to our beautiful and supportive Regional Secretary Myra Mangkabung of DOST-ARMM and Staff, DPWH-ARMM, DAF-ARMM and BLGU.

Core III. Social Protection

Sensitive to the needs of the vulnerable sectors like women, children, senior citizens, indigenous people, and our persons with disability(PWD) among others, the City Government has enacted policies and measures on Social Welfare, Health, and education as follows:


Children’s Welfare

Capacity Building- Orientation on Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) for 51 Day Care Workers (DCW) in partnership with Isabela Foundation Incorporated headed by Ma’am Margie Auxtero.

Provision of Manual on Day Care Service and Child Information System, DCW are much competent in classroom management, learning dynamics of children, and properly file children information.

Allocated monthly allowance of P500.00 for Day Care Workers

Reactivation of Lamitan City Council for the Protection of Children and conduct of assessment in partnership with Nonviolent peaceforce.

Expanded network and linkages with NGOs such as Nonviolent Peaceforce, Galing Pook Foundation and UNICEF for Child Welfare, Protection, and Development.

Youth Welfare

Project Driver. Out-of School Youth Development Alliance of Lamitan City, a special body composed of LGU departments, Line Agencies, CSOs, and youth representatives, responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of OSY PPAs in partnership with Mindanao Youth for Development (MYDev)Program

As of to date, we reached 2, 173 OSYs in 38 out of 45 barangays of which 1, 609 completed skills training while 564 finished Alternative Learning System (ALS).

Skills trainings. Under TESDA Trade Courses and Non-TESDA (Emerging Skills

Post-Training Support. MYDev Youth Development Grants were awarded to Youth Associations in Lo-ok and Sta. Clara thru Nagdilaab Foundation Inc. each received 23,000 as start-up capital while their barangay provided the space for production with free electricity. The 2 groups were able to print 700 shirts this year. While the Coco Jolly Association were able to increase their catering sales to around 52, 500 this year.

Capacity Building. thru Nagdilaab Foundation Inc: OSY Leaders participate in Forum, Camp, Assembly, Consultation, and Trainings.

Employment Opportunities. OSY completers are employed as Cook (1) in a snack house, 2 in DAF Organic Farming, 1 as trainer while previous completers are already working outside Lamitan City.

Educational Assistance thru PSWDO- 19 students ( P83,000.00 Assistance)

Educational Assistance- Balik Eskwela for 7 OSYs

Pantawid Pamilya Scholarship- 35 youths are studying in Basilan State College

Thank you to our partners…. USAID- EDC, Mindanao Youth for Development Program, Nagdilaab Foundation Inc., MACFI, DAF-ARMM Basilan, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, DICT-9, and Members of the Out of School Youth Development Alliance (OSYDA)

                                                        Women’s Welfare                     

Our ROSE Women which started way back 2014 have now reached -2,343 members and together with Pantawid Pamilya Parent Leaders and Extra Ordinary Moms undergo Capacity-Building Seminars and Training for Women Empowerment, Increase women participation in the community thru Beautification and cleanliness drive in respective barangays and engaging them to economic activities through various activities.

And although we have rare cases of Violence Against Women and their Children in this city, we have in placed structure and mechanisms in addressing VAWC cases for which women have access to justice through the established Barangay VAWC desks in all barangays and the Crisis Intervention Unit, a temporary shelter for women and family in crisis located beside the CSWDO, in the City Hall Complex.

Thank you… DSWD-ARMM, PSWDO and Pantawid Pamilya Staff most especially the City Links and Social Welfare Assistants…

Senior Citizens and Indigents Welfare

To date, we already have 5,492 Registered Members in 45 barangays. They are provided with PVC IDs and Purchase Booklets, as well as, assisted in procuring the PhilHealth IDs of 3,152 senior citizens.

A Senior Citizens Convention and Christmas Party yearly were also given to provide them with opportunities to address their concerns to the city government and to socialize with their fellow senior citizens

Social Pension for Indigents receiving P500/month and releasing is every 6 months with a total of P3,000. We were able to cater 588 Indigent Social Pensioners in 2014, 618 social pensioners in 2015, and 1,452 Social Pensioners in the previous year. Hopefully, we can still cater more indigents this year.

For Poverty Alleviation through 4Ps, a total of 3,643 households are enrolled in the program. They are receiving cash grants for health and education of about 2,800/ 2 months. As of February to May 2016, Php 11,253,000 was already released.

Thank you partners: Ms. Vicky Siason and OSCA Staff, Ms. Pearly Tacorda and CSWD Staff, DSWD-ARMM and Ms. Genevieve Pascua, Head of PhilHealth Basilan…


PWD’s Welfare

Organization of our PWDs started in 2014 with a simple gathering of mothers of children with special needs. Then, this group was organized with set of officers.

Later on, our CSWD began accepting application and registering them for a PWD Identification Card. Today it has reached to 200 Registered PWDs already availing of the benefits mandated under the RA 9442.

The City Government also subsidized the school uniforms of the 24 Pupils of Lamitan City SPED Center and

December 2016, A Christmas Party with the Children with Special Needs was also given.

Thanks to Lamitan City SPED Center headed by Mr. Larry Paderanga and Staff

Solo Parents

In 2014, the City Government started the registration of Solo Parents which now reached 160. Solo Parents are provided with Solo Parent Identific

ation Card which entitles them to the benefits and privileges provided in RA 8972. Currently, the City Cooperative Office headed by Haji Hakim Acari is organizing them into a Coop.

Family Welfare

The State recognizes Family as the smallest unit of our society and the building block of Filipino Nation. However there are families where couples are neither married in Church or in Civil due to financial difficulties. For this reason, the City Government, through the official capacity of yours truly as City Mayor, we facilitate free civil weddings to further strengthen Lamiteño Families. For 2013, over 500 couples availed of this service through a mass civil wedding; while 47 couples from 2013-2016 legalized their union privately at the Mayor’s Office.

Thanks to Mr. Danny Alvaro and Civil Registry Office

Poverty Alleviation Measures through:

Bottom-Up Budgeting amounting to 1.5M worth of livelihood project distributed in 6 barangays (Sta. Clara, Ubit, Limo-ok, Maganda, Bohesapa, and parangbasak) with 150 beneficiaries.

Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) a Php 2,750,000-worth of livelihood projects availed by 9 barangays namely: Limo-ok, Luksumbang, Baas, Balas, Balobo, Sengal, Lebbuh, Ulame, and Tumakid. There 275 beneficiaries belonging to one of the 11 groups identified for this program.


A project from the ARMM Region implemented in 45 barangays. The program has 1,350 beneficiaries and has provided the following to alleviate poverty:

10 sewing machines

Bakery items to 3 barangays

180 pedicabs to 6 metro barangays

Carinderia items to 2 barangays

Again, we would to thank DSWD-ARMM and Provincial Social Welfare & Development Office

Angat Buhay- Partnerships against Poverty

Office of the Vice President selected Lamitan City as one of its pioneer batch for the said program. A summit was held to link LGUs to development partners and pledge to give assistance and among the most promising is the Bamboo Industry which the Circle of Women CEO committed to open its market.

Thank you…Office of the Vice President Leni Robredo and development partners…

The A3B Project (Applying Binding Bonding and Bridging for Peace Project)

is working in 4 barangays namely Limo-ok, Colonia, Campo Uno, Luksumbang to improve relationship in the community for peace and reconciliation. This project works with the City Government of Lamitan, BLGUs and taps Traditional and Religious Leaders (TRLs), Members of Lupong Tagapamayapa, Brgy Peace and Order Councils, CPOC, Women and Young key mobilizers.

Unique in the province and can be found only in Lamitan City is the Celebration of Governance Week which was started last 2015 in partnership with ENGAGE Program Funded by USAID. Its purpose is to engage citizenry in local governance and strengthen partnerships with civil society organizations. Through this week long activities we were able to engage 300 youth leaders both in-school and out-of-school, 200 women, 90 barangay officials, and various development partners and stakeholders.

I thank Ma’am Dedeth Suacito and the staff of Nagdilaab Foundation Inc. and

Engr. Elaine Hayad of the USAID-ENGAGE for their strong partnership with us.


Aside from Social Welfare, we also prioritize the health of every Lamiteno especially the poor. Thus, we are constantly improving the different aspects of our health care system. We are hoping that someday we are able to provide you with optimal health care through:

A. Health Governance

Activation of Barangay Health Board of 45 Barangays- a special body in the barangay level responsible in planning, implementation, and evaluation of health agenda most especially maternal and child healthcare. Through this board, a structure and mechanisms are in placed responding to health issues in the barangay and with the participation of local health partners such as religious leader, BHW, and hilot/panday.

Issued E.O. No. 11 series of 2016- Establishing Youth Friendly Facility in RHU East and West- this is to address issues on teenage pregnancy and advance adolescent reproductive health by having an Adolescent Youth Friendly Space in the RHUs. The City Health Office with the assistance of MindaHealth jhpiego has already established network with CSWD, DepED schools, PNP and NGOs.

Strengthened partnership with Hilot/ Panday the significant number of home based delivery in Lamitan City is detrimental to both mother and infant. To best address this problem, a Paanakan Initiative was held involving all community leaders and barangay health workers including hilot/panday. Around 100 TBAs attended the said activity and pledge their commitment to support facility-based deliveries (FBD). It was also through this action that the Barangay Health Board was created in every barangay were hilot/panday is a regular member. Hilot/ Panday were also part of identifying health problems and in the formulation of Barangay Health Plan. Having this initiative, Hilot/panday grasp better understanding of Maternal and Child Health care and the local government’s advocacy to ZERO maternal and child mortality. Kailangan walang mamamatay habang nagbibigay buhay.

Health Information

Tracking of Pregnant Women- monthly and quarterly monitoring in the BHS/RHU. This will facilitate giving pre and post natal care, FBD and monitor mortality. Kelangan walang namamatay habang nagbibigay buhay.

Monitoring of Medicines- monthly and quarterly inventory of medicines that will ensure safe and sufficient supply of medicines in RHUs.

Regular Data Quality Check- monthly and quarterly conduct of DQC to ensure correct data reporting of health personnel.


PhilHealth LGU Sponsorship Program (500 slots) for Indigents and pregnant women- walk-in indigent clients with hospitalization problems and pregnant women were enrolled to philhealth. This minimizes their hospital bills and even zero-payment in the hospital.

The National Government also enrolled 14,453 Lamiteños either household heads or individuals in PhilHealth under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR).

Expanded Senior Citizens Act provides for the free PhilHealth membership of Senior Citizens, thus 4, 092 were enrolled in PhilHealth, while newly registered Senior Citizens are encouraged to comply with the requirements for PhilHealth.

Funded the Extension of CHO- to better serve the much increasing number of patients as well as to provide a convenient work space for our health personnel. 1. The CHO building extended at the back to provide office space, 2. Putting up of wall to separate the working tables and wider the reception area, 3. Constructed waiting area for patients and chaperons. Thanks to the efforts of the GSO headed by Engr. Kaye Hibionada.

Funded Rehabilitation of RHU East Birthing Facility- this pave the way to offer 24/7 birthing services and accessibility to nearby barangays and other municipalities. It is manned by 3-5 on duty nurses/midwives. PhilHealth Accredited Birthing facility with stand by ambulance.

Construction of Lamitan City Infirmary Hospital- a 21 bed capacity medical facility. Collaborative project of the City Government of Lamitan and the ARMM Regional Government. Project Cost is almost 40M and with 90% completion.

Human Resource

Capability Building for CHO personnel and BHWs- competent health care providers is one of the strategies to improve delivery of health services to the people. Thus, health personnel and BHWs are sent to attend various trainings, orientations, seminar on health programs.

Conduct of BHW Regular Meetings- monthly meeting of BHW conducted to update our BHWs on the development of health programs and discuss issues/ concerns they encounter in the field.

Health Leaders for the Poor: Mayor Rose Furigay and Dr. Vicente Yu III were among the ARMM LCEs and MHOs who graduated from 2-year program of ARMM Gov Mujiv Hataman in partnership with Zuellig Family Foundation and USAID. This training serves a venue for the LCE and CHO to own community health problems and share their vision for the community. Eventually, the Mayor and CHO share the health concerns and their vision to health partners/stakeholders for collective efforts in realizing their health plans. Also through the use of a scorecard, the LCE and CHO are aware of the areas where they accelerate and the areas that need much effort.

Medicines & Medical Equipment

Maintain availability of medicines and supplies-

Turned Over 1 unit Ambulance and essential Medicines from PCSO- thru the initiative and efforts of yours truly and with the help of Ms. Josephine Codilla, City Government of Lamitan received ambulance for the City Health Office and medicines for the ROSE Health Caravan. For this, I thank PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan and staff for the brand new ambulance.

Upgraded the Dental Care Facility thru the initiative of Dr. Angelo Castillo.

Turned over Mobile Dental Bus under the Health Facility Enhancement Program (HFEP)- The DOH Command Center awarded to Lamitan City one unit Mobile Dental Vehicle under HFEP last August 12, 2016 in Manila. Mayor Rose Furigay together with City Dentist Dr. Micheal Angelo Castillo received the unit from Engr. David Masiado Jr. Chief Logistic Management Division and Dr. Nestor Santiago, Jr. Assistant Secretary on Health Operation. This unit is a response to improve dental health care coverage especially to underserved communities.

Turned Over TSEKAP Medical Equipment Package to 25 Barangay Health Facilities.

Turned over BP Apparatus to 194 Barangay Health Workers

Service Delivery

ALAGANG ROSE- MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTHCARE PROGRAM- a package of FREE services for pregnant women providing PhilHealth membership, facility based delivery, birth registration, new born screening plus incentives to mothers (1,000PHP) and traditional birth companions (assisting hilot/panday)(500PHP).


RHU East (CHO Main) – now with 61 deliveries with 21 covered by PhilHealth since April 2016

RHU West (Sta. Clara) – from August 2014 to present 195 deliveries from Lamitan; 17 deliveries from other municipalities

Malinis Birthing Facility- from 2014 to present, 526 deliveries from Lamitan; 28 from other municipalities

Limo-ok Birthing Facility- from 2014 to present, we have 333 deliveries from Lamitan; 1,377 from other municipalities


1,156 Facility-based Deliveries/ Birthing Facilities

293 Home-based Deliveries, wherein

52 Home-based deliveries was attended by Midwives/Nurses

241 Home-based deliveries was attended by Hilot/ Panday

80 free new born screening (NBS)

“0” Maternal mortality

“0” infant mortality in LGU birthing facilities and home based deliveries handled by health professionals

NUTRITION PROGRAM- FIRST 1000 DAYS synergizes various GOs and NGOs services for holistic approach to properly address cases of severely under nourished children through provision of supplementary feeding for 6 months, regular monitoring of weights, giving free assorted vegetable seeds to grow in their backyards

Targeted 4 Barangays (Ulame, Balagtasan, Baungus, Tumakid,) with cases of severely underweight children

Buntis Party- Health Education & provision of Buntis Kit & Mosquito Net courtesy of MindaHealth jhpiego, Ms. Rachel Resurreccion to 15 pregnant women, Supplementary Feeding to 13 severely underweight children (6 months-2 y.o), provision of fluoride tablets 150 day care children…

ORAL HEALTH- provision of Fluoride Tablets to Day Care children in 45 barangays.

TETANUS-DIPHTHERIA (TD)- ORAL POLIO VACCINE (OPV) reached 10, 040 (99%) children ages 0-59 months and 14, 259 (90%) 15-40 years old beneficiaries in 45 barangay The highest accomplishment in the entire Basilan recognized by UNICEF and World Health Organization.

ROSE HEALTH CARAVAN- Convergence of Social & Medical Services from Government Line Agencies, NGOs and private practitioners.

In 2016 alone, we have provided the following services:

Consultation- 661

Diabetes and Hypertension Screening- 415

Dental Services- 205

Usapang Buntis- 810

Usapang Teen Moms- 36

Supplementary Feeding- 3,420

Vegetable Seed Distribution- 965

Animal Health Care- 117

Haircut Services- 189

Slippers Distribution- 680

Reading Eyeglasses- 200

Last Dec. 13, 2016- Usapang Teen Mom was launched as part of the Advocacy on Teen Reproductive Health during the ROSE Health Caravan in Campo Uno.

Since 2014 to present Reaching Out Serving Everyone Health Caravan were able to served 17,829.

All these accomplishment on Health were made possible through the efforts of Dr. Vicente Yu, Dra. Anne Marie Abujen, Dr. Michael Angelo Castillo and CHO Staff; our supportive barangay captains, hilot/ panday, and yellow army… our unsung heroes… the Barangay Health Workers…

On behalf of the Lamiteños, I would like to thank Gov. Mujiv Hataman, DOH-ARMM, and Zuellig Family Foundation for the giving us the opportunity to be part of Health Leaders for the Poor Program.

Again, I would like thank our Health Caravan partners: Provincial Health Office, MindaHealth jhpiego, DepEd Dentist- Dra. Aranan; Dr. Rima Hassan and MACFI Volunteers; Men-in-Uniform: PNP Lamitan City Station, PNP-SAF, PPSC, RPSB, 19SF Company, 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion; Private Medical Practitioners and generous benefactors…


The future of our city also relies on the educational attainment of our children for they will soon be our reservoir of human resources which will eventually take our place in socio-economic-political field. Thus, education is a priority investment for the next generation of Lamiteños.

The opening of Damaso C. Furigay, Jr. National High School in Brgy. Calugusan also opened the door to its young people making it more accessible for them to attain their secondary education. This School Year 2016-2017, there are 153 in Grade 7 and 42 in Grade 8 with a total of 195 enrolled students. The students enrolled are provided with free and complete school uniforms that include shoes, socks, bags, and supplies courtesy of the Sisters of Vice Mayor Oric Furigay: Mr & Mrs Amy Quides, Mr & Mrs. Vivian Dudgeon, and her Mother, Mrs. Rosa Furigay. The school lot is donated by Vice Mayor Oric Furigay and his wife.

LGU Subsidized Scholarship increased its scholars to accommodate senior high

College 188; Junior HS 116; Senior HS 54 with a total of 358 LGU Scholars

Educational Assistance was extended to 7 Out of School Youths who are now studying in college.

Just last year, we increased our Madaris Teachers by 50 making it 150 and provided with PhilHealth and monthly allowance. Yearly, our Madaris Teachers are gathered for a year-end party, each receives cash gift, a bag of rice and grocery items, and jacket. This was made possible thru the leadership of Alim Bayan Marujin, President of Madaris Teachers Association of Lamitan City.

With the support of the Australian Government thru AusAid, the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) started the construction of 1 building with 3 classrooms for Batch 1 in Balas Elementary School and to be followed in Lamitan Central Elementary School, Lumuton, Buahan, Parangbasak, Sta. Clara and 1 building with 2 classroom for Lamitan City SPED Center; for Batch 2, a total of 18 classrooms more to construct in Lamitan City SPED Center, Lamitan Central, Sta Clara Central, and Lumuton Elem. School.

To our benefactors.. The sisters of Vice Mayor Oric Furigay: Mr & Mrs Amy Quides, Mr & Mrs. Vivian Dudgeon, and the Mother, Mrs. Rosa Furigay..

As well as to the Australian Aid and Philippine Business for Social Progress.. THANK YOU.

Essential I: Business Friendliness and Competitiveness


Local Economy

The city has experienced tremendous growth in terms of locally sourced income from 2014-2016. Due to various business process design improvement like the one-stop-shop for business licensing and renewals, we have reached 7.7 million mark in 2016 in terms of income from business taxes. Our fees and charges have also increased from 2.2 M to 3.9 M in 2016 because of strict implementation of appropriate rates for the use of facilities, equipment and services.

Also pleased to present to you the promising growth of the city economic enterprise from 7.1 M in 2014 to 11.9 M in 2016. This growth in collection is attributed to the reforms instituted by the CEEDMO headed by Engr. Kaye, and the improvement of the port services of Lamitan with the effort of our port manager Mr. Erwin Cervantes.

Real property tax collection though has not seen a very significant increase of collection but nonetheless contributed fairly in the city’s economic growth. This steady rate may be improved on the succeeding years by instituting a system to reward taxpayers with rebates or amnesty for delinquent payers.

Overall the city’s income has grown from total collection of 18.6M in 2014 to 25.6M in 2016. A laudable work not just of the income generating offices of the city but for us, who have contributed efforts to realize this goal.

Exceeding the Annual Targets on Business Taxes by 108.39%, on Fees and Charges by 140.37%, on Real Property Tax by 113.23%, and on Economic Enterprises by 155.97%.

The port of Lamitan City is under supervision and administration of City Government of Lamitan thru MOA with the Regional Port Management Authority (RPMA) effective April 04, 2008 to 2033 with sharing of 70/30% gross income of the port

An impressive collection were made in our Seaport with 154.33%

For this I commend Port Manager Erwin “Samboy” Cervantes as well as Engr. Kaye Hibionada and staff under the City Economic Enterprise and Development Office. Since Engr. Kaye assumed as OIC of CEEDMO, the City Public Market undergo a total make-over. Space in the Market were properly organized with designated sections for every kind of commodity, parking area with enforcement of parking fee, traffic management, improved garbage collection scheme, continuing EIC on SWMP, updated registry of legitimate businesses within the market and maintenance of facilities… this resulted to a more inviting and convenient market for consumers and businessmen alike.


The City Government of Lamitan have also initiated the following Infrastructure projects:

Construction of Sports Complex with 2, 890 seating capacity with a budget of 35 million is 70% completed. And it is designed in compliance with the FIBA Standards basketball court and equipment.

Construction of Infirmary, a two-storey with 21 bed capacity, is now 95% completed. Surely, in due time Infirmary will be serving the Lamiteños.

Just recently, the Lamitan Seaport was expanded with 2 more RORO heads making it 3 RORO Heads. A 150 M project turned over by no less than the ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman together with Basilan Governor Jim Hataman-Salliman, and DPWH-ARMM Sec. Don Mustapha Loong last January 6, 2017.

Many of us may not know that The Port of Lamitan is a member of BIMP-EAGA which stands for Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines- East ASEAN Growth Area, a subregional economic co-operation initiative in Southeast Asia aims to increase trade, tourism and investments inside and outside the subregion.

We would to thank ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman together with Basilan Governor Jim Hataman-Salliman, and DPWH-ARMM Sec. Don Mustapha Loong, District Engineer Soler Undug and DPWH-ARMM Family.

Ongoing construction of Commercial Complex, a two-storey building holding a capacity of 68 stalls, which will serve as the Lamitan Business Center is now 70% completed

Procurement of 180 million worth of Equipment and Machineries:

4 units generator set

Excavator (Back Hoe)

2 units 6-wheeler Dump Truck

Vibratory Road Roller

10-wheeler Transit Mixer

Man Lift Truck

Water Truck

2 units 10-wheeler Dumptrucks

5-tonner Forklift

Wheel Loader

Motor Grader

Pneumatic Tire Changer

Welding Machine with Engine

Our Road Infrastructure Projects such as:

the concreting of Traversing Barangay Roads in

Barangay Sta. Clara Road is 100% completed

Look to BoheSapa Road is 100% completed

Limook to Larbeco Road is 100% completed

BoheYakan to Arco Road is 70% completed

Bulanting to Lagasan Road is 100% completed

Panansangan Ubit to Dumpsite is 70% completed

Colonia to Cemetery Road is 100% completed

Buahan to Calugusan Road is 100% completed

Baas to Lebbuh Road is 100% completed

There are also on-going Infrastructure Projects by Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the LGU Lamitan and DPWH ARMM thru the initiative of Gov. Mujiv Hataman which are as follows:

Concreting of Limook-Balobo-Bulingan Road (Phase I) – 80% completed

Concreting of Limook-Balobo-Bulingan Road (Phase II) – 80% completed

Concreting from Lamitan Highway-Ubit-Bohe Yawas- Lumutun Road(Phase I) – 70% completed

Concreting from Lamitan Highway-Ubit-Bohe Yawas- Lumutun Road(Phase II) – 85% completed

Concreting of Balobo -Barangay Colonia – 95% completed

Concreting of Sayugan-Little Cebu – 50% completed

Concreting of Lagasan (State College) – City Hall (Imam Uto) – 100% completed

Concreting of Brgy. Calugusan-Brgy. Luksumbang – 80% completed

Concreting of Brgy. Sta Clara to Bohe Nange – 95% completed

Concreting of Brgy. Kapatanga– Brgy Bohe Nange (Trancentral Road) –

Concreting of Buahan to Calugusan Road – 100% completed

Concreting of Cabobo Road – 100% completed

Concreting of Lamitan Highway to Maloong San Jose to Maloong Canal Road – ongoing

Concreting of Sta. Clara Highway to Maloong San Jose Road – ongoing

Concreting of Barangay Sengal to Balas Road – 100% completed



Agriculture & Food Security

Lamitan City is also relying heavily on its agricultural and marine products mainly rubber and coconut and some crops as source of revenue. Thus, the city government also provides technical and Production Support Services to encourage our local farmers and fishermen.

Rice Production:

Distributed 292 bags of inbred and hybrid palay seeds of different lowland and upland varieties that benefitted 292 rice farmers in 10 barangays namely; Colonia, Balobo, Limook, Maligaya, Sengal, Luksumbang,  Ulame, Maloong San Jose, Calugusan and Sta. Clara.

Distributed 120 kgs pesticides for the control of pest and diseases in rice benefitting 120 rice farmers in 6 barangays of Lamitan, namely: Colonia, Maligaya, Limook, Balobo, Sengal and Luksumbang.

Provided 306 bags of Urea  and  Complete fertilizer to improve rice production covering 153 rice farmers in 7 barangays                     ( Colonia, Maligaya, Limook, Balobo, Sengal and Luksumbang).

Procured 1 unit  brand new engine  for the operation of  Mini-Rice Mill in  the Post-Harvest Facility Center at Barangay Limook, benefitting  the rice farmers of Balobo, Colonia, Limook, Maligaya and even rice farmers from Isabela City.



INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS – in support to Rice Production Program benefitting more or less 168 rice farmers of BALIMOSA and LACOSA Irrigators   Associations


a) 5 Multi-Purpose Drying Pavement (MPDP) or Dryers at Barangay Colonia (1 completed, 1 on-going), Barangay Balobo (1 unit completed), Barangay Limo-ok (2 units completed)

b) Palay Shed/Storage (Limook and Colonia)

Corn Production:

Provided 124 bags open-pollinated variety corn seeds to more or less 224  corn farmers in 23 barangays of Lamitan City.

Provided 1 unit Corn Sheller to the People’s Organization of Barangay Calugusan and another unit positioned at the Post-Harvest Facility Center in Barangay Limook to be made available to corn farmers from other barangays.

Also during the President’s visit one 1 unit mobile corn mill was turned-over to LARBECO, Barangay Limook and 2 units farm tractor with implement turned-over to SCARBIDC, Sta. Clara and LARBECO, Barangay Limook


Turned- over 4 units Cassava Grater with Presser to the POs of Barangays Ulame, Danit Puntucan, Buahan & Sta. Clara that benefitted 125 cassava growers of the said barangays. Another unit of cassava grater and cassava granulator are at the Lamitan Post-Harvest Facility Center, Barangay Limook to be made available to cassava farmers from other barangays.

The provision of much needed cassava graters and pressers significantly reduces production cost and provides the farmers with better reachable facilities that will help prevent the post-harvest waste and losses.


The Lambaklad Project which was installed at Barangay Luksumbang &  was damaged by the typhoon,  has been repaired and soon to be relocated at Barangay Balas  where it is deemed to be safer from strong current and unfavorable weather condition. Installation will be done this February 2017.  This project will benefit 60 fishing households of the Lamitan Barangays Key to Livelihood & Development People Organization, whose members are from the different  coastal barangays of Lamitan City.

Turned-over 10 units motorized banca propelled with a 6.5 hp platinum engine to 10 marginalized fishermen of Barangay Balas, Lamitan City.

After his first 100 days, President Rodrigo Duterte and DA Sec. Pinol visited Lamitan City last October 10, 2016, to turn over farm tractors, farm inputs, 18 units motorized fiber glass banca with fishing paraphernalia from BFAR to 36 fishermen from Barangay Kulaybato, Bato and Balas. President Duterte handed over the 5M assistance and vowed to upgrade health and education facilities and to address energy crisis in the province.


Provision of 21 sets Seedweeds Production Inputs at Barangay Balas benefiting 21 fisherfolks.

Provision of 1 unit of Payao given to the Lamitan Agricultural & Fishery Development Association.


Provided the following animal health care services for  animal and  livestock farmers:

Anti-rabies vaccination for 830 dogs, cats and monkeys from   8 barangays (Maganda, Maligaya, Malakas, Colonia, Limook, Balobo, Ubit and Bulingan)

Parasitism Control for 522 animals which include carabao, cattle, goat, swine and pets from 11 barangays ( Maganda, Maligaya, Malakas, Colonia, Limook, Balobo, Ubit, Bulingan, Boheyakan, Lumuton and Boheyawas)

Vitamin Supplementation for 532 heads carabao, cattle, goat, swine and pets from 18 barangays.

Disease prevention and treatment of 258 animals  which include carabao, cattle, goat, swine, poultry and pets from 18 barangays.

Conducted artificial insemination to 89 cattles and 95 carabaos in 4 barangays ( Boheyawas, Lumuton, Boheyakan and Bulingan)

Distributed 13 heads of piglets to members of AFLIDA Association of Barangay Arco.


Per record of the said office, since the launching of the Coconut Scale Insect Emergency Action Program for Basilan last August, 2016 until December, 2016, a total number of 378,339 cocolisap infested coconut trees were pruned and trunk injected   with   Starkle chemical. This covers more or less 378.33 hectares of coconut areas treated.

To support the Coconut Scale Insect Emergency Action Program, the  LGU of Lamitan has provided a building at Lagasan, Barangay Kulaybato to be used by PCA as laboratory for the rearing of biocontrol agent and predators of cocolisap. These beneficial predators   will be released later in the affected areas to help control the spread of the infestation.

Two units of heavy-duty hand drill were also procured and made available for trunk injection at cocolisap-infested barangays.

To control cocolisap infestation in the nipa areas, the City Agriculture Office, has started spraying of crop vaccine in the coastal barangays of Lamitan City. Spraying is on-going at Barangay Sengal while treatment at Barangay Matibay and Maganda was already completed. Treatment in other coastal barangays will follow.  Spraying  and drenching of some coconuts trees with  crop vaccine were also done to address cocolisap infestation.

During the visit of President Duterte and DA Sec. Pinol, aside from the different farm inputs, equipment, bancas and tractors which were turned over to different peoples organizations, a ceremonial turn-over of check amounting to 5 Million Pesos was also made. Though the said amount has not been downloaded yet, the fund will be allocated / programmed to provide livelihood assistance to marginal farmers especially those who have been affected by the cocolisap infestation.



Farm Inputs:


Distribution of Assorted Vegetable Seeds- 2,300 beneficiaries in 45 barangays

Distributed 30 sets of garden tools (eg. Rake, scythe, trowel, pick mattock, etc.) and 19_units of knapsacks sprayers to 4 Peoples Organizations with 24 members engaged in vegetable production and to support  the Gulayan sa Paaralan Program in 4 public schools of Lamitan City.

Conducted 3 trainings on “Enhancement of Tapping Techniques and Rubber Quality Improvement  Advocacy” to encourage rubber growers to appreciate the importance of prolonging the life-span of rubber trees by introducing proper tapping techniques. The training benefited 90 participants from 12 Also 90 pieces of plastic coagulating containers and 90  tapping knives were distributed to the participants to help improve quality of rubber cup lumps and tapping quality.

THANK YOU CITY AGRICULTURE Office headed by Ma’am Olivia Ablao…

DAF-ARMM headed by Mr. Gani Yahiya, BFAR-ARMM headed by Haji Alano, and to the Philippine Coconut Authority.


FREE PUBLIC WIFI/ JUAN CONNECT under the Department of Information Technology-Region 9 will turn Lamitan City into a Rural Impact Sourcing Hub which will serve as a center for online jobs and Tech for Ed center. 8 units of computer/ laptops will be turned over to us. Another Free public wifi is from PAMANA being implemented by DOST-ARMM headed by Sec. Myra Mangkabung, of which equipments are already on pre-bidding. These projects will benefit students, teachers, and even ordinary citizens. It will cover many of our public places such as plaza/ park, schools and colleges, health facilities, government offices including barangay halls.


Tourism in Lamitan City can be another source of revenue for this city. Thus, the city government has made roads leading to tourist destinations more accessible such as the: Concreting of Road to Bulingan Falls worth 146, 150, 000 and the road concreting from Lamitan City to Palm Beach worth 7,000,00 (Details on the rehabilitation of the Palm Beach to be inserted)

There is also an expansion of our Eco-Tourism Park (please give more details on the expansion).

Palm Beach.

Christmas in the City Hall Grounds for this year had a around the world theme… showcasing famous sights decorated with lights.

Lamitan City Public Library and Museum (c/o Mike/ Mam Gaye)

In 2000, a Lamiteño musician in the person of Mr. Uwang Ahaddas was awarded Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan, the first Lamiteño to receive such recognition for his contribution in preserving the richness of indigenous yakan music and the art of playing various indigenous instruments.

Just recently, another brilliant artist from Lamitan City named as National Living Treasure by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte together with two other Mindanawons. I am referring to Babuh Ambalang Ausalin, a Yakan weaver and native of Brgy. Bohebessey, Lamitan City. She was chosen as an awardee for her commitment in promoting the Yakan tennum or tapestry-weaving tradition.

Awardees receive an initial grant of P100,000, a medallion, and P14,000 in lifetime stipend per month. They will also be granted a maximum cumulative amount of P750,000 in medical and hospitalization benefits, as well as funeral assistance just like what the National Artists have received.

Also, Lamitan City Mayor Rose Furigay forged sisterhood relationship with Batac City, Ilocos Norte thru Mayor Jeffrey Jubal C. Nalupta last February 24, 2016 held in Lamitan City in the presence of both city officials, LGU department heads, barangay officials and lamitenyos. Which was followed by a Goodwill Visit of Lamitan City delegation to Batac City last March 18-20, 2016 for familiarization and learning of their culture, tourism, as well as, good governance practices and innovations.

Lamitan City hailed Champion for the third time (2014, 2015, 2016) in Pakaradjaan Basilan and during the 4th Tumahik Festival.

Last year, the City of Lamitan received P300,000.00 for the construction of Tourism Information Assistance Center (TIAC) a grant from the Department of Tourism-ARMM. The construction of TIAC is now on-going at the Lamitan Seaport.

Lamitan City is one of the exhibitors during the Bangala Fashion for Weavers and Textiles Exhibit in line with celebration of Shariff Kabunsuan Festival in Cotabato City. Guests and tourists are from the BIMP-East ASEAN Growth Area.


Essential II: Peace and Order


Local economy goes hand in hand with peace and order. Thus. I am pleased to report to you that the crime volume dropped to 43.75 % compared to last year’s crime rate.

On our Anti-drug Campaign here in Lamitan:

Through the initiative of the City Government of Lamitan led by Mayor Rose Furigay and Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay, Councilors and Barangay Officials the Anti-drug Campaign of Lamitan was strengthened and was able to accomplish the following since the campaign started:

The City Officials and employees undergo a mandatory drug testing. Set an example to the public, since public office is a public trust.

2, 323 drug abusers voluntarily surrendered

154 _____ tokhang operations conducted

1,006 house visitations

22 buy bust operations

4 operational checkpoints.

illegal drugs confiscated

drug users/pushers convicted/jailed

Having the largest number of individuals involved in substance abuse in the province and probably in the ARMM, the City Government aside from the existence of the City Peace and Order Council created the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) and activated the Mamamayang Ayaw sa Anomalya Mamamayang Ayaw sa Ilegal na Droga (MASA MASID) to intensify our campaign against drug menace, corruption and anomaly down to the barangay level as support to the President’s pronouncement to suppress criminality, corruption, and illegal drugs.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Program were launched in 45 barangays engaging substance abusers  to various activities such as sports, community service, religious/ spiritual enhancement, counseling sessions, values orientation, gardening and other diversion strategies. Most of the individuals gave positive feedback/ testimonies of how they recovered and championed normal and healthy lives.

To institutionalized the City Government’s efforts of bringing them back to normal lives, this 2017 we allocated 2.5 M for the construction of a Rehabilitation Center. This will cater to the needs of walk-in patients, drug dependents that needs medical attention.

Essential III: Environmental Management

Safeguarding the integrity of the environment in this era of unpredictable disasters and calamities is a must. Based on our Ten Year Solid Waste Management Plan, we have implemented the following projects and measures to enhance environmental management in the city:


Integrated Solid Waste Management Program the only implemented in Basilan

Eco Park Expansion which will pave the way to become an Eco Tourism Park, increasingly visited by various groups of students, women, and public officials from other parts of the province

Greening Program

Constructed one unit nursery shed with fencing at the Eco park with 29,000 Mahogany seedlings and 4,000 Narra seedlings ready for planting

A year round tree growing activities were conducted in different barangays in partnership with various agencies and NGOs. For 2016 alone, we were able to plant mahogany seedlings in 7 areas namely Limo-ok riverbank, Bohesapa, Boheyakan, Balobo, Lo-ok, Arco, and Eco-Park Panansangan.

Forestland Management

2,000 Mahogany planted at REPO Area, Arco to support the Watershed

Apprehension of Illegal logging activities

Inspection of all Lumber Yards

Coastal Management

Apprehension of Illegal Fishing

Installed buoys/ markers for Marine Protected areas established in Barangay Maloong Canal

Mangrove propagules were planted in coastal barangays of Malo-ong Canal, Ulame, and Luksumbang

These accomplishments have made it possible for us to attain what we once have been praying for: the Seal of Good Local Governance. Also, the SGLG is also an incentive driven award. With this, several opportunities await the LGU. This includes entitlement to access the Performance Challenge Fund, facilitation of Loan approval through issuance of Good Financial Housekeeping Certification and other program windows subject to specific program guidelines.

But aside from this success, we also have garnered other triumphs from

In the Health sector, Mrs. Virginia Cadano ,RM was awarded as Bayani ng Kalusugan 2016 by the Dept of Health. For her exemplary service to the community.

Mario and Mrs. Hilaria Villas & Family of Barangay Calugusan was awarded with the CBCP-ECFL as one of the Ten Outstanding Filipino Family last October 23, 2016 at SMX Convention Center, SM MOA.

The Mindanao Youth for Development or MYDev recognized the Lamitan City Out-of-School Youth Development Alliance (OSYDA) for the Best Practice in Post Training Support Continuing Education Category

the Civil Service Commission who granted  Lamitan City with the PRIME-HRM Level II accreditation and the Seal of Excellence Award for CY 2016 both qualified to the National Level.

Lamitan City also joined for the first time in the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) 2016, the National Competitiveness Council Philippines presented the Certificate of Recognition to Lamitan City as Ranked 100th in Component Cities Category and 135th in Overall Cities last October 7, 2016 in Zamboanga City. Now Lamitan City is included in the database and can be easily accessed by investors in the CMCI website.

In 2014, yours truly was recognized as one of the Regional Outstanding Lady Executive (ROLE) by Civil Service Commission-ARMM

In 2016, I was again blessed enough to be one of the CSC PAGASA Individual Category Regional Awardee under the Honor Awards Program (HAP), the only elected public official to receive such recognition in the region. The 2016 Outstanding Public Officials and Employees in the ARMM was conferred by the CSC-ARMM last Sept. 28, 2016 in Cotabato City.

These triumphs further validate that we are indeed in the right track. These achievements serve as an indicator that we are indeed on the right track towards the vision we had in mind- a city that is accountable, transparent, while our constituents are socially-, economically-, and environmentally protected…. our standards of a  forward moving city.

But as DILG Sec. Sueno imparted in his message during the SGLG Conferment Ceremony, the quest for good governance does not end with this award. This city needs  to continue exhibiting exemplary local governance, push for decentralization, and achieve local autonomy. The coming years will even be more challenging for us, and we need to be prepared. Rest assured that we, in the city government will never fail you. We will continue to serve our fellow Lamitenos and Thus this 2017, we have the following projects/programs to implement:

LGU 5% of 20% Development Fund

Construction of Rehabilitation Center                         2,500,000.00

Construction of Training Center                         1,500,000.00

 (Multipurpose Hall for Out of School Youth (OSY)

Operationalization of Open Dumpsite    500,000.00

Construction of one (1) unit 16 stalls Commercial 3,000,000.00

Building in Oval Public Market

Perimeter Fence, Landscaping pavement and 3,000,000.00

Powerhouse with Transformer ay Infirmary

Construction of Terminal Shed at Oval (Phase II) 1,500,000.00

Construction of Drainage System at City Hall Complex1,500,000.00

Replumbing Work at Hostel    500,000.00

Perimeter Fencing of Post Harvest Facilities 1,000,000.00

At Barangay Limo-ok

Extension of City Hall (Phase II) 3,500,000.00

Construction of Convention Center (Phase II) 3,000,000.00

Concreting of Veterans Drive at Brgy. Maganda    500,000.00

Development of Eco Agri Park 2,000,000.00

Construction of Evacuation Center 2,500,000.00

Other Programs and Projects

Sitio Lagasan to Brgy. Kulaybato (56 Post) – On-going

Limook to Brgy. Sengal (13 Post) – On-going




BUILDING – 600,000.00 (on-going)




On-going Projects under DPWH-ARMM MOA

Concreting of Lumutun-Look-Bohesapa

Concreting of Bohebessey – Baimbing

Concreting of Brgy. Campo Uno- Balobo

Concreting of Lamitan City to Palm Beach (T-Type)

Concreting of Lamitan City Baas-Lebbuh Road

Concreting of Lamitan Highway-Parangbasak-Baimbing-Cabobo Road

Concreting of Luksumbang-Baluno Road

Concreting of Brgy. Lebbuh Road

Concreting of Balagtasan-Tumakid Road

Concreting of Lamitan Highway-Sta. Clara-Tumakid Road

Concreting of Sta. Clara Breeding Station Road, Lamitan City (with Sidewalk, curb and gutter)

(Proposed Infra Projects for CY 2017 and onward)


2km- Sta. Clara-Capengcongan Elem. School

1km- Sta. Clara – Sitio Marangal

3km- Simbangon – Danit Puntucan

2km- Bohenange proper-Sitio Nangka-sitio Bohe Layun

2km- Bohenange-Bidcanon-Ubit Road

3km- Parangbasak-Dangkan, Lamitan to Banah Tipo-Tipo Municipality

2km- Bulanting-Libih-Lagan Road

3km- Baimbing-Sabong Road

3km- Brgy. Balagtasan to Kemut Road

3km- Boheyawas – Lumutun – Look  Road

5km- Brgy. Lumutun – Ligafu Falls

3km- Lamitan National Highway-Ubit-Boheyawas

2km- Ubit-Sitio Tinog Road

3km- Lamitan National Highway-Danit Puntican

1km- Cabobo-Sitio Lipay Road

1km- Baas Highway-Sitio Bekkahan Road

1km- Highway-Sitio Talipuk Road

1km- Baas Highway-Sitio Puyat Road

1km- Sabong-Sitio Benglas to Campo Uno Road

1km- Lamitan Highway-Brgy. Maganda to Sitio Utoh Road- State College Road

1km- Maganda Road-Sitio Veterance-State College Road

3km- Lamitan Highway-Sengal-Sitio Panansangan Road

3km- Lamitan Highway-Sengal Sitio Bliss-Matibay Road

1km- Sengal – Sitio Amoh Road

2km- Sengal Lebbuk Road

2km- Danit Puntucan-Balobo Road

2km- Lamitan Highway-Colonia to Mangkawit Elem. School

1km- Luksumbang to Sitio Nipa Farmers Road

2km- Bulingan-Martha-Linguisan Brgy. Road

3km- Boheyakan to San Miguel Road

1km- Balobo Highway to Sitio San Isidro to Bageniao Road


1- Barangay Balagtasan

3- Barangay Bohenange

1- Barangay Simbangon

2- Barangay Lumutun

1- Barangay Ubit

1- Barangay Boheyawas

1- Barangay Arco

1- Barangay Sengal to Matibay Bailey Bridge

1- Barangay Maganda

2- Barangay Cabobo


Barangay Boheyawas

Barangay Luksumbang

Barangay Colonia

Barangay Bulingan

Barangay Bohenange-Bidcanon-Ubit Road

Barangay Boheyakan

Barangay Matatag

Barangay Ubit

Barangay Bohebessey

Barangay Lumutun

Barangay Buahan

Barangay Cabobo

Barangay Lebbuh

Barangay Maganda

Barangay Sabong

Barangay Baas

Barangay Sengal (Mabini Elem. School)

Barangay Sengal (Baroy)

Barangay Malakas

Barangay Arco

Barangay Bohe Ibu

Barangay Simbangon-Danit Puntucan

Barangay Bohenange

Barangay Baimbing

Barangay Balagtasan

Barangay Balobo


Calugusan High School (5 Class Rooms)

Boheyawas Elem. School (2 Class Rooms)

Lebbuh Elem. School (2 Class Rooms)

Balobo Elem. School (2 Class Rooms)

Cabobo Elem. School (2 Class Rooms)

Parangbasak High School (2 Class Rooms)

Baimbing High School (2 Class Rooms)

Bohenange High School (2 Class Rooms)


Barangay Bulanting

Barangay Maganda

Barangay Balas


Barangay Luksumbang Water Supply Level II

Barangay Bulingan Water Supply Level I

Barangay Baimbing

Barangay Sengal (Baroy)

Barangay Bohenange

Barangay Bohebessey

Barangay Simbangon

Barangay Balagtasan

Barangay Lumutun

Barangay Balobo Sitio Bageniao

Barangay Danit Puntucan

Barangay Cabobo

Barangay Limook (Gawad Kalinga)


3km Barangay Bulanting

4km Barangay Calugusan

3km Barangay Balas

4km Barangay Luksumbang


2km Barangay Balas River Bank Protection

3km Barangay Sengal, Sitio Small Island to River Side Brgy. Matibay

5km Maganda Drainage, Sewerage System

2km Barangay Limook-Gubawab River –Sengal-Small Island

3km Barangay Matatag Drainage, Sewerage System


So, to our beloved Lamitenos, this 2017 let us all look forward to greater things for this city. Let us pray that our Almighty God will continue to bless and guide us as we brace ourselves for this new year. Great things await Lamitan this 2017. Let us move forward and embrace what is in store for us. But above all, my fellow Lamitenos, pray that our Almighty God will continue to bless and watch over us as we continue this long and challenging journey ahead. Huntu-hunto kita trabaha para un unido y abante Lamitan City.

Muchas Gracias

Thank you and good morning once again.