Aiming for Health Governance, the City Government has done the following:

  • Created the Lamitan Extended Health Board which led to the Formation of Barangay Health Board in all 45 barangays of Lamitan City.
Mayor Rose Furigay with Dr. Maria Abujen, ABC President Hon. Manny Sumampil, BHW President Mr. Donato Tan, SP Member: Committee for Health and the 45 Barangay Captains during the Meeting with the Barangay Health Workers
  • Established partnership with the 200 Barangay Health Workers (BHW)
Mayor Rose Furigay, Sp Member: Committee on Health, Hon. Jeng Eisma and Dr. Marie Abujen together with the Barangay Health Workers
  • Conducted the Paanakan Initiative: Fostering Partnership between the skilled birth attendants (midwives) and traditional birth attendants (hilots).
Hilots and Midwives with Mayor Rose Furigay, Hon. Jeng Eisma and Dr. Marie Abujen.
  • Augmented Workforce by:
    1. Hiring our own Dentist in 2013 in the person of DR.MICHAEL ANGELO CASTILLO
    2. And just last year, we also hired another Physician, DRA. ANA MARIE ABUJEN to assist our City Physician, Dr. Vicente Yu III with his tasks and responsibilities in the City Health Office
Left: Lamitan CIty Dentist, Dr. Micheal Castillo Right: Assistant City Physician, Dr. Ana Marie Abujen


  • Augmented Supply of Apparatus and Supplies such as BP apparatus and nebulizers to different Barangay Health Stations.
Mayor Rose Furigay together with the recipients of BP Apparatus
  • Provision of Dental Supplies and Equipment such as Dental Chair and tools, Ultrasonic Scaler, Sterilizer, and Portable Dental Chair.

Dental Tools
  • Provided Social Protection through Health Insurance/ Philhealth Coverage

  • In 2015, there has been an increase in the number of Lamitenos covered with Philhealth. We have:
    1. 14,459 – under National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction
    2. 500 persons sponsored by the LGU
    3. And All the 5,033 Senior Citizens of Lamitan City
  • For this 2016, we will again be allocating 500 slots of LGU Sponsored Philhealth with priorities given to our BHWs, Madaris, SCAA, and walk-in Expectant Mothers.

It was also during this year that our Rural Health Units. The Main and the west (in Sta. Clara) have been accredited with the 3-in-1 Package which gives the following services:


  1. Primary Care Benefits – Tsek Ap (Consultation)
  2. MCP – Maternal Care Package
  3. TB-DOTS – Direct Observed Treatment Short course.

The 3 in 1 package means that for every/any client who avails any of these 3 services, Philhealth will shoulder the expenses of these services and/or medications. You should be getting them for free. So, I hope our Lamiteños even our neighboring municipalities will take this opportunity to regain their health by availing of this free services.


This 2016, we are awaiting the PhilHealth accreditation of Barangay Limo-ok Birthing Facility as well as Barangay Malinis Birthing Facility. We will also be upgrading our services from 3in1 package to a 4-in-1 package, so to qualify, NEWBORN SCREENING is ongoing.