On Disaster Preparedness: considering that our city is not spared by both natural and man-made calamities, this administration have seen it necessary to prioritize Disaster Preparedness. Thus, every year, our City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Team have executed and supported policies and measures to prevent disasters and, most importantly, prepare our Lamitenos of any untoward event. Given our efforts in becoming a disaster prepared and disaster- resilient city, we were able to accomplish the following:

Effective governance through:

  • Trainings, Seminars, & Orientations led by CDRRM Lamitan
  • Function and Responsibilities and Calamity Disaster Preparedness Seminar
  • Family Disaster Plan and Basic Fire Safety Discussion
  • Basic First Aid lead by Philippine Red Cross Basilan
  • Family Disaster Plan
  • Basic Fire Safety
  • Water Search and Rescue(WASAR TRAINING)
  • Rubber Boat Operation & Maintenance (RBOM TRAINING)
  • Basic Life Support Training
  • Earthquake drill
  • Table-Top Planning Session on Tsunami Drill
  • Organizing and Reactivating our Barangay Emergency Response Network (BERN) to date we already have BERN in 21 barangays and trained Barangay Youth Emergency Response (BYER)
  1. The City Government also capitalized on the following Infrastructure and    Emergency Equipment to aid us in our disaster response:
  • Construction of Evacuation Centers at Barangay Balas, Limook, Kulaybato, and Sports Complex which will serve as gymnasium and evacuation center
  • Installation of an Early Warning Device (EWD/ Wang2x) at Gubawan Bridge through the initiative of DOST-PAGASA. We also have installed the following EWDs:
  • Rain Gauge
  • City Hall Siren Device
  • CDRRM Marker
  • Signage of Evacuation Route
  • Provision of the following equipment:
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Spine Board
  • Life Ring
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Hand Held Radio
  • Radio Base
  • Rope
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 5 units Genset and 30 units Water Pump
  • Projected Installation of Free WiFi in Lamitan City to enhance information dissemination among our constituents from the newly created Department of Information Communication and Technology (DICT) called Juan Connect (Now People’s Connect) and also PAMANA Free Wifi implemented the DOST-ARMM of which equipments are already on pre bidding, soon it will be ready. Special thanks to DOST Regional Sec. Myra Mangkabung.
  1. The City Government through our CDRRM has also responded and implemented measures on the following natural and manmade calamities that struck this city:
  • Fire incident occurred near Datu Kalun’s Park (Triangle) at Barangay Malinis affecting 11 commercial establishments. Each receives the amount of P20,000 financial assistance from the City Government.

Special Thanks to the Bureau of Fire Protection, SFO4 Vincent Saldariega and to all the firefighters and volunteers from Malunggay,  2M Construction, SCARBIDCI, CDRRMO-Isabela City.

Our gratitude also goes to Gov. Jim Hataman-Salliman for being with us during this incident and for giving assistance to our fire victims.

Barangay Kampurnah of our neighboring city, Isabela also suffered fire incident last year. We extended our help by sending our team: Mayor’s office, CSWD and CDRRM, to distribute relief goods to the victims.

  • Tornado at Barangay Sta. Clara damaging 21 houses but was urgently responded and assisted by LGU-LAMITAN- CDRRM, DPWH-ARMM, DAF-ARMM, and their BLGU. Quick assistance was given to those affected by this incident.
  • El Nino Phenomenon- this city has experienced a prolonged drought that resulted to:
  • bushfires and grassfires on the following areas:
  • Ubit- damaging Mahogany, Gemilina, amd Banana Trees
  • Sta. Clara damaging 100 hectares of Coconut Trees
  • Bulanting damaging 18 hectares of Rubber Trees
  • Damaged Palay and crops due to no supply of irrigation water that eventually affected food production.
  • Only Limited Pasture Areas for Livestock threatening their survival which might also affect our food supply.
  • According to the City Agriculture Office there are 6,398.5 hectares of crops damaged which amount to P137 Million.
  • In Response, we have implemented the following:
  • Barangay/Site Evaluation and Inspection
  • Restoration of 100 units of Water Tanks
  • Procurement of 3,000 gallons of water containers
  • Procurement of assorted sizes of 1,425 rolls of hose
  • Provision of Radios for quick and better communication
  • Financial Aid for victims of El Niño Phenomenon
  • Procurement/subsidy of seeding (rubber, coconut, banana)
  • Ongoing Construction of deep well
  • Ongoing Rehabilitation of the reservoir and water system
  • Patubig Project in Barangays Calugusan and Arco
  • We also gave a helping hand to Internally Displaced Families of Barangays Bohe-ibu and Baimbing. The City Government distributed relief goods.
  • Procurement of barangay emergency response vehicle (5 willies jeep, 10 Bonggo Masda, 2 Multicabs)