Keeping our commitment towards creating an eco-friendly city, the greening and cleaning program of the Rose Administration which started way back 2013 has been running for 2 years now. We are glad to share with you our milestones in the implementation of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Program.

In 2013 we started developing our dumpsite; in 2014, series of advocacy activities to different sectors were conducted; in 2015, we are FULLY implementing our ISWMP with the deployment of 20 Bantay Basura around the city in addition to the regular street sweepers we already have. With their presence, our surroundings is kept at their cleanest and citizens violating our SWM ordinance were given warnings and even issued citation tickets. The Bantay Basura were able to fine P15,000 in 4 months time

  1. We added some features in Lamitan City Eco-park like additional Material Recovery Facility as well as Septic Vault for Toxic/ Hazardous Waste.

  2. Our eco-park though it is still developing is chosen as one of the destinations for educational tours. Soon we will acquire additional 10-hectare lot for eco-park and agricultural use.

Year round Tree planting Activities were also conducted in barangays Arco, Bulingan, Lumuton, Boheyakan and Bohesapa. Together with our partners, a total of 10,000 mahogany seedlings were planted.

Since we started the implementation of Mindanao Rural Development Program-Natural Resource Management in 2012, we have expanded our coverage of Mangrove area in Barangay Ulame by planting 8,000 propagules. Soon it will be developed into an Eco-park.

Under the Coastal Resource Management, we are maintaining marine protected areas/ fish sanctuaries in barangay Malo-ong Canal, Tandung Ahas and calugusan.

To intensify the protection of our marine sanctuaries and coastal areas from illegal activities including sand quarrying, we deployed 7 Bantay Dagat on a 24/7 watch.

Riverbank Protection Efforts have also been implemented through the Rio Limpio, Rio Vivo Program

Our Earth Day Celebration was also a laudable one where various activities were held aimed at raising public awareness and collective efforts in caring for Mother Nature.