The Local Government of Lamitan headed by Mayor Rose Furigay and the Office of the City
Agriculture headed by Mrs Olivia Ablao turns over 
150 bags corn seeds
272 liters organic foliar fertilizer
40 pcs coagulating container
2 units cassava grater and presser
7 sets garden tools
10 units fishing boats



Corn, Rubber,
Rice, Vegetables and Cassava Farmers of
Bohe sapa
Limo ok
Capengcongan (Brgy.Santa Clara)



Fisherfolks from Barangay Tumakid, Tandung-ahas, Balas, Calugusan, Bato,
Luksumbang, and Bulanting were awarded with fishing boats



during the distribution are Hon Sali Polo, Brgy Balobo Chairman Hon. Rene
Directo, Bohe Sapa Brgy Chair represented by Hon Jojo Manuel, Colonia Brgy
Chair Hon. Frigildo Bajala, Lumutun Brgy Chair Hon. Romeo Alipin, Limo-ok Brgy
Chair represented by Hon. Dodong Pakaral, Brgy Ubit Chair Hon. Jania Jailun,
Brgy Sta Clara representative Hon. Jul Nisal, and Brgy Bulanting representative
former City Councilor Jubaira Said.



Abante Pa
More Lamitan City!



Mayor Rose shares the good news to the local farmers as she encourage them to establish a well-organized group based on the crops they cultivate.



Mrs Olivia Ablao, City Agriculturist welcomes everyone present during the distribution. It is through their Office that our Local Government is able to address the issues and concerns of our local farmers and fishermen.



Our local farmers together with Mayor Rose and Ma’am Bibing flashing their dazzling smiles as they receive their free fertilizers and pest controls



Mayor Rose Furigay, Mrs Olivia Ablao, together with the recipients of the 10 fishing boats



A fisherman enthusiastically waves as he goes ashore with his new fishingboat