April 25, 2019
Lamitan Central Elementary School


Binata na si totoy munti!

361 boys were able to avail of the Operation Tuli conducted Thursday afternoon. These boys were given free medicines for post operation treatment. Also, free haircut and supplemental feeding was also simultaneously conducted during the Reaching Out Serving Everyone Caravan.

Kudos to the people behind the success of this event.

Maraming salamat City Government of Lamitan headed by Mayor Rose Furigay, Dr. Hana Robles, Dr. Mika Puri, Dr. Afreen Amerin, CHO staff, CSWD Lamitan headed by Ms Pearly Tacorda, GSO headed by Engr Raquel Hibionada, at sa mga men-in-uniform partners,
104th Brigade, 14th Light Armored Cavalry, 4th Special Forces Battalion, 19th Special Forces Company, 74th Infantry Battalion, 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion, and the 53rd Special Action Company.

Hanggang sa muli!