Monday, April 1, 2019- Lamitan Hostel

Lamitan City, headed by the Lady Mayor Rose Furigay together with Vice Mayor Roderick Furigay and members of the City Council, confers Col Elmer Suderio as the 5th Adopted Son of Lamitan.

In great gratitude for his untiring dedication and selfless public service rendered during his term as the Battalion Commander of the 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion.

In her message, Mayor Rose is looking forward to Col Suderio’s return to the city, as a Brigade Commander hopefully as she wishes triumphs and successes in his chosen path.

“Allow me to thank you again Sir Tex on behalf of the Lamiteños for being there for us at some of the most crucial times in the lives of Lamiteños. You really gave it all for us. Thanks for your service and above all, your friendship. The relative peace that we are experiencing now is partly the result of your efforts,” says Mayor Rose.

Present during the event were the City Councilors, CPAF Founder Mr Virgilio Pamaran and his beloved wife, the Men-in-Uniform, City Department Heads, friends, comrades, and other guests.