A modern Solid Waste Management and Disposal Plant will soon be constructed near Ubit Peak in Lamitan City.

Vice Mayor Roderick H. Furigay said, the City Council of Lamitan passed Resolution number 2017-128 during a special session last week, authorizing Mayor Rose U. Furigay to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with Integrated Green Technology Visayas Inc. (IGTVI) for the said project.

Furigay explained that Integrated Green Technology Visayas Inc. will construct the waste and garbage disposal that will recycle the garbage of the city and turn it into energy.

Under the MOA, the city will provide a five hectarelot near Ubit Peak for the construction of the plant. Once the facilityis completed, it can generate energy forLamitan City and Isabela City.

After 21 years, IGTVIwill turn-over the facility to the city government of Lamitanto continue the operation.

Furigay said this project will not only help in the cleanliness of Lamitan City, but also in the production of energy to help address the power shortage of the city. Allen Abastillas