Land Bank of the  Philippines is expected to open in Lamitan City this year, according to Lamitan Mayor Rose Furigay.

Land Bank,   the second bank to cater to Lamitan City residents, is expected to start construction within the next two months.

The bank will be located near the bus terminal along the western side of Quezon Boulevard in Barangay Malinis.

It is the second bank to open in Lamitan City.  The first is a private bank  located  in Barangay Matatag.

“It is a welcome development.  I thank the officials of Land Bank for opening its new branch here in the city,” said Furigay.

Furigay also thanked  Lamitan City councilors for passing a resolution in support of the bank’s opening.

Furigay said that the bank is a big help to the people of Lamitan, particularly to the members of the business group, and agriculture and fisheries sectors.  (Allen Abastillas)