LAMITAN CITY, Basilan June 22-29, 2018 – “The City of Harmony” celebrated its 35th anniversary festival known as the “Lami-Lamihan Festival”.

Parade of all people from the city of Lamitan

Float Parade competition.

Step Up competition

Street Dance competition

Music Band competition

Search for Miss Lamitan 2018

Lami-Lamihan Floral offering.

It was in the year 1886 when Pedro Javier Cuevas, well-known as “Datu Kalun” first initiated the lami-lamihan festival wherein the head of each tribe will gather after a bountiful harvest from the rice fields often accompanied by dance and music. The ladies on the other hand, present their skills in weaving, producing colorful cloths which is then used to tailor their own garments.

This year’s festival became as successful as ever. All schools and barangays demonstrated and flaunted all their wonderful talents and skills. Even schools from other cities joined the lami-lamihan competitions that were arranged and planned beforehand. Big prizes awaited them, so they had to perform their best to win.

Lami-Lamihan festival is the best time to visit Lamitan city where you can chill and enjoy all the festivities and merry-making not just because of the place but also the hospitable manners of the people of Lamitan.